Allen-Williams "Really Considering" Dawgs Now

ATHENS – Georgia's junior day went the way Bryson Allen-Williams hoped it would.

"It was a great visit," Bryson Allen-Williams said. "I got to spend the majority of my time with Coach Olivadotti. I also spent a lot of time with Coach Grantham and Coach Wilson."

Allen-Williams, who has been gaining momentum in recruiting, said he wanted to visit Georgia to see a bit more about the program in his home state.

"They are all nice men," Allen-Williams said of Mark Richt and his staff. "And I think they can help me become a man. They don't just want you as a football player, and that really comes through. There was a different feel now that I have an offer."

Allen-Williams said he still favors South Carolina, who offered sooner than the Bulldogs did, but that Georgia has gained traction.

"I am really considering Georgia now," he said. "I felt kind of – I don't know the word – unappreciated that they didn't offer earlier. But I understand why they didn't offer earlier. But South Carolina is still my leader. My mother and I like the staff over there."

In Athens, Richt was complimentary of Allen-Williams, saying that the rising senior was someone he was very interested in having in his program.

"I like what Coach Richt told me that if they had a team full of guys like me they would never get in trouble, and they would win all of the time. He told me that I was a model-type recruit for them. That went a long way for both my mother and I."

In the early stages of Allen-Williams' recruiting two things are becoming clear – the importance of his mother's opinion, and that at this stage of the game it seems like a fight between the Gamecocks and Bulldogs for him.

"My mother likes South Carolina a lot, but she likes Georgia a lot now, too," he said. "Its crazy just to think how quick four years can go by. In the grind of things the next thing you know Signing Day is going to pop up. I am just going to have to take it day-to-day and see what happens."

Allen-Williams said he thinks of "defense" when South Carolina is mentioned and that the word "tradition comes to mind when he hears Georgia. But the two SEC schools are already getting competition from outside of the region for the linebacker.

"I'd like to visit both UCLA and Michigan," Allen-Williams said. "They have both offered. I would like to get out to UCLA and visit them. They have an NFL staff, and that's something that I like. Michigan is tradition – they are tradition. I really like their academic program, too."

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