Mississippi: The D Tackles

The state of Mississippi has produced some special defensive tackles over the course of the last few years. A fresh crop of big bodies with big attitudes are ready to take center stage as the 2014 spring evaluation period approaches.

Trey Brown of Ackerman has the potential to be a tremendous college football player.

Brown's athleticism sets him apart from the pack. Blessed with great instincts and a motor that does not stop, Brown is a very disruptive player.

Brown has the ability to move around on the high school level, but his skill set should make him an absolute terror at defensive tackle on the college level.

Recruiting fans in Mississippi should expect big things from Brown this fall. His numbers and abilty to influence the game should both be big news this season.

Deion Pope of Collins High is the top name in south Mississippi when it comes to the defensive gap fillers.

Pope plays with great effort and he is very difficult to move once he digs his heels in.

On film, Pope shows up and plays hard no matter the score of the game. His passion for the game is apparent and he is just beginning to scratch the surface of his true potential.

LaDarius Gallion is a name that fans around the state should already be familiar with.

Gallion was expected to be one of the top defensive prospects in the state for 2014 and he has not disappointed so far.

Several schools from around the south have shown interest in the talented Gallion.

Blessed with great core strength, Gallion creates some nice push up the middle and he has the ability to force the action outside away from the blocking scheme.

A sure handed tackler, Gallion should have several options to consider before making his decision.

Grant Harris of Clinton High School lines up on the edge at defensive end, but he is growing into a defensive tackle prospect in a hurry.

Harris has a great football frame and is very well proportioned. He wears his 260 pounds very well and he should have no problems playing well around the 300 pound level.

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