Monday Mailbag

Dawg Post's Jonathan Branch tackles questions in another edition of the Dawg Post mailbag.

This week we look a little more at the state of Georgia's 2014 recruits, I review the best road trip from last year, and how Georgia could handle the pending NCAA recruiting changes.

Let's get to it.

Willbeezy writes: Who ends up as the highest rated offensive player from the state of GA in this recruiting class?

Great question, willbeezy. I don't think it's any surprise that the 2014 class is top-heavy with defensive talent. That doesn't mean there isn't some solid talent on the offensive side of the ball. I believe quarterbacks Tyler Harris and Deshaun Watson will likely battle it out for the top offensive prospect in the state's 2014 class. However, a couple others to keep an eye on are Cedartown RB Nick Chubb (continue reading for more on him) and Sandy Creek WR Demare Kitt. If I had to guess now, though, it'd be one of the quarterbacks mentioned.

Hpdog asks: Any reason why Scout has not done a new 2013 Team Ranking, reflecting Toby ? Are they going to? Looks like all your competitors have. Thanks.

I'm afraid I cannot answer that. That's not my area of expertise, but Dean may can help with the answer, though. Hit him up at

Pcbeachdawg writes: How many more coaches do you see Georgia signing? Will we take advantage of the new rules on the numbers do to the coaching staff?

None, in the immediate future. I say that because these NCAA proposals aren't set in stone. There is no guarantee the proposals will be passed as they stand right now. There could be changes/adjustments made that limit the number of coaches and personnel that can recruit. There's been plenty of negative feedback around the country that leads me to believe not all the proposals will be pushed through without tweaks.

If they are passed, and the floodgates open in terms of who can recruit, I do expect Georgia to hire the necessary personnel and take advantage of the changes. However, as I said, these proposals aren't a guarantee.

If the proposals aren't passed, some of the schools who have already hired high school coaches to help out, with these proposals in mind, may just have a few extra hands on the payroll without a job to do. Georgia is going to play the wait-and-see game before falling victim to that.

No1DawgFan drops in with a pair of questions: Q1) Where do you think Chubbs ends up ranked at the end of the year, stars and Georgia and National Rank? I hear Georgia is defiantly the leader for him is that the case?

I think Nick Chubb will be a four-star back and likely in the top 10 in the state of Georgia. He should probably land in the top 175 nationally. He doesn't have elite top-end speed and he's not a guy that will change directions on you, but he has good vision and is a good every-down back. I like his build, and if Georgia keeps doing what he's doing, the Bulldogs will be in good shape, as he named UGA his leader in early February.

Q2) Best road trip you had last season?

Auburn was a day trip, so that can't be it. Didn't get to do much at South Carolina aside from the game, so that's not it. The trip to Lexington was about as cold and dreary as it gets, though the nightlife was a nice surprise.

I'd have to say the Missouri trip. It was more than a 12-hour ride each way. That part was rough, but a trip to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis on the way, gallivanting in downtown Columbia (which feels a lot like Athens) and a stop for good St. Louis BBQ on the way home made it fun. It was also my first road trip, and I was getting to experience the initiation of Mizzou to the SEC. The atmosphere on game day was the most unique I have ever witnessed (that includes SEC Championships, bowl games, Boise St., etc). Add in a stop to see some of Wes' family, a random lunch in a random town (only one traffic light) in Illinois and the hysteria surrounding whether or not Bacarri Rambo and Alec Ogletree would play made for an all-around interesting and fun trip.

Aspendawg wraps us up with three questions: Q1) Now that winter off season workouts are closing up, have you had a chance to pick up any info on how some of the guys are weights, size, speed or have things kinda been kept out of spotlight still?

There hasn't been much talk on that front. Of course, I tried to get a feel for that sort of progress Saturday during observations at spring practice. I will continue to keep my eyes opened for any drastic progress in terms of size/speed as practices continue, so stay tuned on The Porch for that. But Richt did mention that some of the defensive linemen (Chris Mayes, John Taylor and John Atkins) are in very good shape, and they're trimmer than what Georgia has had in the past with Kwame Geathers and John Jenkins.

Again, I'll be sure to post any noticeable physical changes in guys on the Porch.

2) Now that Keith Marshall is doubtful for spring training due to injury, anyone else other than J.J. Green getting a real look at RB?

Georgia rolled out Todd Gurley, Kyle Karempelis and J.J. Green (in that order) at tailback when spring practice started Saturday. The Bulldogs had more quarterbacks than tailbacks to rotate in during drills—that's a rare problem. Brandon Harton was out with an injury, but he should be back after spring break next week. Other than that, with Marshall sidelined, the running backs huddle is bare.

3) Has the team come up with their new motto for the 13 season, do you have a vibe on leadership for the 13 season and who has stepped up to the plate? Thanks as always.

As of today, the team has not come up with a team motto yet. The leaders on the defense are Damian Swann and Garrison Smith, and I think Amarlo Herrera will play more of a role as the season gets closer. Aaron Murray is the clear-cut leader on offense, though Chris Burnette, Michael Bennett (even though he's injured) and David Andrews are also leaders on that side of the ball.

That's all for this week.

We'll take a break next week, as the team is off for spring break, and I too will be vacationing south of the border for the week.

When I return with a suntan and sand in my suitcase, I'll be here to tackle more of your questions. Until then, have a great week.

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