Nike NFTC Camp: Legge's Thoughts

BUFORD – Dean Legge's thoughts on the 2013 Nike Camp in Atlanta.

There were about 300 players at the annual Nike Camp in Atlanta, but two stood out in a big way – and they've been on Georgia's radar for some time. Cedartown RB Nick Chubb and Norcross DL Lorenzo Carter were the top prospects at the camp and didn't do anything to take away from their already-lofty reputations in the recruiting world.

Carter is as long a prospect as I have seen in some time. College coaches around the South must be drooling over his potential. He looks like he could blossom into a disruptive future NFL player in no time. Carter didn't have much competition at his spot on Saturday.

Have a look at the his overall length – arms and legs – when you get a chance. Understand that if Carter plays with leverage he simply will not be stopped in pass-rushing situations. The complicated part of watching camps and projecting prospects from that alone is that players on the defensive line never have to honor the run. So that's something to keep in mind. But Carter was one of the best defensive prospects I saw in Georgia last year. Again, he didn't disappoint on Saturday. If nothing else he cemented my opinion that he's the top player in Georgia – and that he could make a run to be the top overall player in the country for 2014.

Nick Chubb is full-grown man. His massive chest is difficult to miss as was his ability to move in pass protection skills. He was the top overall running back in a group of running backs that was pretty good. Normally running backs are difficult to judge at camps, but Chubb was impressive from start to finish in Buford on Saturday. The running backs was the group I spent the most time watching. Chubb's high knees during drills impressed me considering the size of player he his.

Chubb is already built for the SEC. He is going to be a beast this fall. I weep for his high school opponents.

While Chubb and Carter were the two most noticeable prospects on Saturday several more caught my attention.

Linebacker is one of the top overall positions to play if a prospect wants to go one from college to the NFL for Georgia natives. Cedar Grove linebacker Bryson Allen-Williams clearly has the potential to get to that level. He's gone to a football camp three weeks in a row. He was the top linebacker at the MVP Camp three weeks ago, and was the top linebacker at Nike on Saturday as well.

Allen-Williams is the classic long outside linebacker Todd Grantham has coveted while the defensive coordinator in Athens. He could not be stopped in one-on-one pass rushing drills against the running backs. On top of that, Allen-Williams' frame certainly could lead to the addition of good weight over the next year. He is a top prospect in Georgia this year.

Peachtree Ridge DB Nick Glass, a Georgia commit, has become huge. With the weight he's added – and it certainly looks like good weight – Glass is on the way to playing linebacker instead of safety in college. I think that might be better for his game in the future anyway. Glass' recent development speaks to the type of transformation a prospect can have moving into training-intense Gwinnett County. It will be interesting to see how Glass will move forward with his recent mass gain.

Former Georgia commit Stanley Williams, a running back from George Walton Academy in Monroe, had a good day in my eyes. Williams is a short, scatback-type who should struggle against linebackers in one-on-one drills. But he had a pretty good day in that regard. I saw him drop a pass coming out of the backfield – and its easy to remember things guys do wrong rather than right at camps – but that's not ideal for a guy you would want to use coming out into the flats. Overall, however, I thought the day was a good one for Williams. But with Chubb and Miami native Sony Michel committing sometime soon – you have to wonder if the Williams de-commitment from Georgia was best for everyone involved.

John Ehret (LA) running back Darrel Williams Jr. was scheduled to visited Georgia after the Nike Camp. Williams is an impressive-looking prospect who caucused with the running backs at Nike. It looks, however, that Williams could play nearly anywhere on the field he wanted to. If he were to play running back in the future he would be a tall and big one. It will be interesting to see how his recruitment plays out – Louisiana is a long way from Athens – but Williams was one of the better looking prospects at Nike on Saturday, and that's really saying something.

As usual the quarterbacks at Nike were about the younger players. There were two 2015 prospects to keep an eye on in the future if you are a Georgia partisan: North Cobb's Tyler Queen and Union Grove's Jonathan Slade. Keep in mind that with the current log jam at Georgia – including just-signed a pretty-darn-good Brice Ramsey – that the Bulldogs don't have to sign a signal caller this season. But if that happens Georgia will need to sign two in 2015. These two are some of the earlier ones to keep track of. Another is North Oconee's Caleb Wilson, who is tall and long like Slade.

I've almost certainly left multiple players out of this report, but the day belonged to Chubb and Carter.

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