The Tipping Point

ATHENS – It's all down hill from here as we've reached a milestone - if you want to call it that.

Today is a tipping point of sorts – it is the last day before the coming season is closer than the one finished in January. The clock has started, and the countdown has begun – Georgia's fight with Clemson is exactly as many days away as Georgia's bludgeoning of Nebraska was on New Year's Day.

People never look at May 2nd as the tipping point in their long journey back to the gridiron – that's usually the week after July 4th or even Media Days – but today is the day where the old season is further away than the new.

Not that fans think about it that way.

Perhaps the start of May gets passed over because assistant coaches are on the road recruiting. Maybe camp season for recruits in June provides a good, but quick distraction to the college football fan feening for a fix.

But by July the lack of football starts to show. Message boards take a hiatus of sorts from late June to early July – unless an athletic director or starting running back is arrested. There's really not much to talk about.

The momentum grows quickly from there, however, as the anticipation of the season and the first big game begins. Last year the first big game was Georgia's clash with Missouri. The focus, at that time, was if Georgia could manage to slow the Tigers' offense down even with a slew of defensive starters out suspended.

Georgia won 41-20 – question answered.

The season before was about the massive matchup with Boise State in the to-be-destroyed-for-no-reason Georgia Dome, and the arrival of Isaiah Crowell. Both turned out to be disappointments in the end. The year before that was the curiosity factor regarding Todd Grantham's 3-4 defense.

Every year there are questions asked. As of today we are at the halfway point of knowing how to answer them.

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