Keeping it all under control

BLUFFTON, S.C. - It has been a busy spring at Bluffton High School and Shameik Blackshear is the main reason for that. The 2015 athlete has drawn a lot of interest and he is just keeping things under control right now...

"It has been pretty crazy with schools coming through to check on me just about every day the past few weeks," said Shameik Blackshear. "I have been pretty busy with spring practice, school, coaches coming through, offers in, interviews, and all those kind of things. It has been pretty hectic at times, but I am not complaining."

Blackshear is a 6-foot-5, 225 pound rush end that is finishing up his sophomore year and he will be one of the top prospects in his region next year.

"I have around 10 scholarship offers right now. South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Florida State, Tennessee, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Louisville, and UCF have offered me. I think some more schools either have offered or will be offering me soon. I just know about those right now."

He has only visited a trio of schools so far and he enjoyed different things about each trip.

Blackshear talks a little about visits to Clemson, Florida State, and South Carolina.

"I like how Clemson focuses on academics there. They really make sure that their players do well on and off the field. They want their players to have a chance to be successful when football ends and I like that. It showed me that the coaches care about their players.

"I like the coaches and the defensive scheme at South Carolina. Jadeveon Clowney is a special player and the coaches have told me that I could be next for them. Clowney being that top guy helps me with them because I want to be that No. 1 draft pick one day too. I love their overall defense.

"FSU has a great staff; they are nice people, they are smart, and they know what they are doing. I really liked the way they treated me when I went down there. They care about academics too. Coach Pruitt is a real smart man on defense too."

Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Oklahoma, and Texas A&M are schools that the rising junior out of the Palmetto State hopes to visit down the road. He doesn't have anything set up at this time.

On some of those trips, he may take his mother along. He is close to her, so will she play a role in his decision when that time comes?

"I am a mama's boy to be honest, but I am not afraid to leave home to go to school. If I feel leaving is best for me, then I know she will support that. I have to do what is best for me, but if I do leave, I will always come back to see mama. I don't see location being a big deal for me. I think my mom will help me some, but it is my decision in the end."

That decision is not going to come for quite a while if things stay on the path Blackshear sees them going now.

He knows he has plenty of time to make his mind up, so he plans to take the recruiting process slow.

"I am just going to wait out these next two years, take trips to schools, see what schools have to offer, and I am open to everyone right now," said the future Scout 100 prospect. "I think I will have a top five next year. I might have a top five around football season in 2014, so I am not rushing anything."

Blackshear is an athlete who can do so many things well on the field. He is fast, he has size, he is athletic, and he could play standing up or with his hand down on the next level.

Does he have a preference?

"I really like standing up and playing outside linebacker, but I do not think the overall scheme will really matter that much to me. If I am standing up, I can see the entire field, and I like that. I can also play with my hand down and rush the passer, so I am open to either one. I think I am a big athlete, so I think I could do either pretty well."

Chad Simmons is currently a National Recruiting Analyst for FOX Sports/Scout. He started with Scout in 2003 and then moved on to another Recruiting Service from 2004-2008 before returning to Scout the first of 2009 to become South Recruiting Manager.
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