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Lets start with the biggest news... Two NEW commitments by two somewhat unknown prospects.

First, OL Jake Edwards.

The first thing about this commitment is, it was EARNED. I saw Edwards months ago and he was a TOTALLY different young man. He was probably 25-30 pounds lighter and he has worked hard for this offer. He was THE best OL there today in the 30 minutes or so that I watched of the 1on1 session. He has very good strength in his lowerbody, he showed a great base, and I liked his punch.

Friend told him he could be a Tackler or Guard at UGA, but I think he settles down inside. He is going to be a strong technician when all is said and done and he will likely play at 300-310 down the road. He has good hips, broad shoulders, and he is a solid pick up.

On to the new wide receiver Gilbert Johnson. This one really came out of left field for me personally. I knew of Johnson, but not a lot about him as a player or person.

I did not know who he was on the field today other than the number he wore. We cannot talk to the prospects at UGA, so unless you know them or their parents/coach, it is hard to know exactly who a participant is.

He was one of the top WRs there, I had him third on my list today based on this camp. He has very good size - I like his length, his build, and his quickness. He caught a lot of balls in the middle of the field today and I loved his quickness out of his cuts. He got good (very good) separation once he planted and cut.

He displayed very strong hands too. Again, I will do more homework on him and get back to you, but overall based on today, very good get for the Dawgs.


Trenton Thompson, Trenton Thompson, Trenton Thompson... If you saw a UGA coach early on as prospects trickled onto the field before the camp started, then you saw Thompson with them. He got A LOT of love from the staff today and rightfully so.

He is a beast! 6-3 plus, 288 pounds and no fat on his body... He was strong in the agility drills and he was doing well in the 1on1s before going out early with a sore shoulder. IMO, he should be on top of UGA's board as the top 2015 prospect in the state. They have a REAL shot here... He is going to check out other schools, but UGA is in the lead without question.

He is going to be a five-star in 2015.


Staying on WRs, I really liked Cameron Sims and Shakenneth Williams. Both were OUTSTANDING, arguably the top two overall camp performers, but Malkom Parrish may be the top guy (More on him later).

Sims did was I expected, he dominated. He was very good in the agility drills, he caught the ball very well, and his body control is some of the best I have seen. He is not a thin and rangy kid either - He is 6-4 plus and right around 200 pounds. He will be a 215 pound receiver down the road. He got separation, he was fluid, and he caught everything.

He drew A LOT of attention from the UGA staff today too. It was easy to see he is VERY high on their board as I have reported here in the past. He has interest in UGA and we will see if they make his cut later in the summer.

Williams will take a LONG look at Georgia now... He came to Athens wanting that offer and he left with it. He was right there with Sims for that top WR imo... A couple inches shorter than Sims, around the same weight, and VERY strong hands.

After a few drills, Ball started to REALLY track Williams. He is a kid that I could see adding a 4th star down the road... This is my first time seeing him run and move live and I liked what I saw.


Malkom Parrish will be a Dawg sooner or later... I am guessing sooner, but we will see. He is an ELITE ATH. He is the no. 20 CB and the no. 188 overall, but that is too low. He is a P-L-A-Y-E-R!

He was great close to the line against the bigger WRs like Sims... He has to work on his play when in transition, but man, he is tough at the LOS, he has great recovery speed, he did a great job of playing the WR and the ball, and he has extremely good ball skills.

I will be shocked if he is not a Dawg in the end.


Oakleaf (Fla.) teammates impress.

2016 ILB Shaquille Quarterman is a kid I could see UGA offering down the road. He is a strong kid and he has good lateral movement for a kid that is really about 10-15 pounds too heavy right now. he is 6-2/240 and he may be good at that weight down the road, but he could use a little more quickness and that will come as he drops a little weight.

He is a kid I really like in that 16 class.

Darrion Owens is a 6-3/215 OLB who has played a lot of safety on the high school level. He is long, rangy, and athletic. He looked good today and I liked him more today than when I watched his tape. I would like to see him play a little more physical than he does. He can run and he looks great on the hoof though. Grantham showed him a lot of attention Saturday.

No offer yet, but it appeared Grantham liked what he saw.


A couple of young DBs I liked:

2015 CB/S JK Britt out of Newnan. He is about 5-11/190 and watching him today has me leaning more towards safety, but he is a physical kid who tracks the ball well. He can work on his footwork and his overall speed, but he has good instincts.

2016 CB/ATH Mecole Hardman out of Elbert County. He is one to WATCH imo. Looked to be around 5-10/165-170... He is quick and explosive. I liked him a lot, especially in the drills where he showed his athleticism. Word out there was that he has his act together in the classroom too.


The Cole Cook Watch.

Cook did what he needed to do today. He camped, he ran the 40 in sub 4.8 seconds, and he caught the ball well. There are no questions left for UGA about Cook and his ability... They have seen him blocking on tape, they have been impressed at his spring practice, and they have coached him at camp... No, do they offer?

UGA first has to decide if they take another tight end in this class. Right now, I am leaning towards them NOT taking one... 65-35 right now that they do not, but we will see.

I have been told that if UGA does decide to take one, Cook is the one that will get that offer. It may be too late then because he is planning to commit in July.


Another day, Tyler Queen was back throwing again... He got some rest last night and it showed today. He threw better... Bobo really worked with him and made him better fairly quickly. His release was better, his spin was better, and his accuracy was better. Still no offer... Bobo is stil evaluating 2015 QBs.

Jacob Park was offered... The 2014 QB impressed the Bulldog coaches and left with an offer. He is going to make a decision in the coming weeks and UGA is now in the thick of things.

He has a LIVE arm... Comes out hot, lands in the receiver's hands hot... He is so loose, he has a nice delivery, and he has great mobility too. I like him as a passer... He was the TOP QB there today.

Anthony Ratliff had a solid day too... Still raw as a passer, but one to watch out of Butler in Charlotte (NC). Great mobility, above average arm strength, and has a lot of upside.


I expect UGA to offer 2016 DL Nyles Pinckney down the road... The Whale Branch (SC) sophomore to be impressed me again today... I was up to see him in May and I liked him then, I liked him more today. He has a good get-off and I love how he responded to Coach Wilson's coaching style. He is going to get bigger (6-1/275 now) and he will be a kid like Dontavius Russell down the road imo. It is early, but expect to hear more about Pinckney down the road.

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