What Is, But What Won't Be Remembered

ATHENS – I will go ahead and agree with what Mark Richt is going to say eight months from now.

"If all of the guys we are signing today were committing to us today," he will huff, "then everyone would be jacked."

Yeah, that's right.

No one will remember middle June in early February. Well, folks might remember middle June, but everyone will be more concerned with what's left or has been taken off the table – not the food already on the plate.

The narrative will be that Georgia can't finish… which may be fair. But in recruiting you can "finish" in June or July… not necessarily February. Georgia did that with Brice Ramsey and Tray Matthews last year; we already know Matthews is a stud… Ramsey will have his time soon enough.

Georgia had a very, very good recruiting week last week. Any week with five commitments in it is a solid week – but a week with pledges from three four-star players is a very good week. The fact that a quarterback (the top in his state), the state's top running back were paired with a win over an in-state rival for a top cornerback is what I would call a very, very good week.

But will anyone remember?

No. They/we won't.

Recruiting, you see, is all about getting better. If recruiting wasn't so important then why do programs cheat so much to get an advantage? That's why when Richt gets in front of the cameras on Signing Day in 2014, a smile planted on his face, he will remember this week in June.

Richt will remember all the work that goes into getting players to commit to begin with, and he will remember just how delicate a balance it can be to hold on to them the rest of the way – the way he had to with Matthews and Ramsey.

He will recall that most of the major contributors at Georgia now – Aaron Murray, Chris Burnette, Dallas Lee, Artie Lynch, Garrison Smith, Amarlo Herrera, David Andrews, Chris Conley, Sterling Bailey, Justin Scott-Wesley, Marshall Morgan, James Deloach, John Theus, Mark Beard, Keith Marshall and Tray Matthews – all committed before January. One can't forget that a slew of very, very good players committed to play in Silver Britches in January or on Signing Day.

But the point is that your team – the bulk of your program – will commit to the program they will sign with well before the attention that is Signing Day comes.

Someone has to say out loud that Georgia had a good week. After all, besides Mike Bobo tweeting "turkey" (which is either a reference to his bowling prowess, or the fact that he got three players he recruited in a row), there is no way for anyone to express excitement or congratulations about what just occurred.

It may be hot outside, and the intensity is certainly not the same, but Georgia had a good week last week – and folks should try their best to remember that in February. That won't happen, but it should.

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