Dean's List: Offensive Players - #1

Dean Legge counts down Georgia's five most important offensive players of the 2013 season.

It's not always easy being the best. The good news for Aaron Murray is that he's still got something to prove. Murray has (and in many way Murray alone in this time) pulled the Georgia program out of the dumpster fire that it was in 2010 and lifted it to national prominence.

Sure, Mark Richt, Mike Bobo, Todd Grantham and the rest of the program did their fair share, too. But on campus no one embodies being "Georgia" than Murray. Everyone knows who Murray is – and that's not always ideal… I'd argue that most of the time that's not much fun.

Georgia fans are a tough crowd. After every win Murray and company were congratulated, but they were supposed to win. After every loss – Murray felt the brunt of the loss… from South Carolina in 2010 to Alabama in 2012.

Aaron Murray is the most consequential quarterback of the Mark Richt era. He's not the best; he's not been surrounded by the best team his entire career; he's not won at the same pace as others; but he's the one who lived through the most turbulent three years of Richt's career. One of those years he watched from the sideline; one he played while Georgia had its first losing season in more than a decade; the final he guided Georgia back to the SEC Championship Game.

But as talented as Murray is he's still looking up in the ultra-competitive SEC. Johnny Mansel just won the Heisman; A.J. McCarin has won the BCS two years in a row; and Georgia is still waiting for its title.

Murray lives in an SEC world that didn't exsist in the past. The champion of the league is expected to waltz its way to the BCS title… that wasn't assumed when Matthew Staffford was under center.

Murray will hold every passing record of substance when he leaves Georgia. He will have a slew of SEC career records when he leaves. What Aaron Murray needs to cap his career and cement his legacy in Athens is to win a title of some sort, and that's certainly within reach… as it was in 2012.

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