Dean's List 2014 Uncommitted Recruits #1

Dean Legge reviews the five uncommitted prospects Georgia is recruiting for the class of 2014.

1. Lorenzo Carter

I remember the first time a saw Lorenzo Carter playing football – it was obvious before he played a snap that he would be a high-level prospect. His long arms complemented his likewise long frame. He was a terror on the gridiron, but it didn't take much to imagine him as a basketball prospect, too.

But Carter isn't built like the typical basketball guy. He's bigger than most basketball kids, and if he wasn't busy running thousands of calories off of his body each year he would be thicker than he is now. Still, having a basketball background in football is a positive. It helps with footwork, which is a key to any sport.

Carter is listed as the #4 overall player in the country by Fox Sports NEXT and is considered the #1 player in Georgia. Obviously he's got a touch of work to do in order to fulfill his potential at the collegiate level, but one can quickly see his ability to rush the passer.

He's the #1 recruit on my list for a slew of reasons not the least of which is that he's the top player in Georgia. The Bulldogs are not always going to sign the top player in the state (they signed the top player two years in a row before losing out in 2013), but more often than not Georgia should sign the top in-state player. If Georgia isn't signing the top player three years out of every five then something needs to be looked at.

Carter, too, lives in an area that's critically important to recruiting in the South – suburban Atlanta (particularly the east Atlanta suburbs of East DeKalb and Gwinnett). Norcross has sent player after player to Alabama. Georgia, if for no other reason needs to stop that trend immediately.

In the end, Carter is the top player in the state; has tremendous potential beyond high school; and plays a position (pass-rushing edge player) that directly effects the most important position on the field (quarterback).

He is a must get, and Georgia can get him.

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