Not Much Convincing

Christian Owens committed to Georgia in April, but his decision had been made since elementary school.

Owens, a wideout, talked to defensive line coach Chris Wilson extensively during his recruitment, but said Wilson didn't have to do too much convincing.

"There wasn't too much he had to tell me," Owens said laughing. "I was already excited about going to Georgia from the start."

The 6-foot-5, 203 pound junior out of Griffin said Georgia has been on his mind since before middle school. Owens said his excitement began long before his commitment.

"It wasn't just when I committed," Owens said. "I've wanted to go to Georgia since the third grade. It was my dream school so that drove me to want to go even more."

Owens also had a chance to talk to head coach Mark Richt on a few occasions and was thankful for the chance he and his teammates had to meet him while touring Athens.

"I talked to Coach Richt every time I went to Athens," Owens said. "He spoke to us and we got to shake his hand. I also had a chance to speak alone with him and my father when I verbally committed."

One area where Georgia sweetened the deal for Owens was the school's on-campus housing facilities. Coach Wilson took Owens on a tour of the campus during one visit and Owens said no school's housing could compare to Georgia's.

"I liked how the dorms looked because other schools' dorms didn't have individual showers," Owens said. "I like the fact the rooms at Georgia had their own showers and the dorms really felt like an apartment. There's even a place to wash clothes at."

Owens also likes staying busy and having things to do for fun, which is why he said Athens is the place for him. The rising junior was most impressed with Athens' downtown area.

"Downtown Athens has a whole lot of restaurants, clothing stores and other cool places to go," Owens said. "It really reminded me of downtown Atlanta with all the stuff you can do there. When I went to Alabama it was in the middle of nowhere and there isn't a lot of stuff to do there."

Owens was also offered by Vanderbilt, where Owens said Nashville was nearly as exciting to him as Athens.

"Vanderbilt has a downtown area too, but it's different from Athens and UGA is where I want to go," Owens said.

Owens' offseason has been slower than he would like due to a recently sustained groin injury. However, Owens has still been able to take part in the majority of team activities.

"I pulled my groin so I've been out, but I've still been lifting some weights and going to practice," Owens said.

As far as his recovery, Owens remains optimistic.

"Slow, but steady," Owens said.

Unlike players who wait until National Signing Day to make their announcements, Owens decided to get his out of the way early. He said this was the right decision for him and he's glad he can focus on Griffin football now.

"There was a lot of hype going on during my recruitment and I was excited, but I realized I only have two more years of high school to play," Owens said. "I'm really excited about going to college to play football on Saturdays at one of the top schools in the nation. Then again, I'm excited about my upcoming season at my school because now I can focus on what I've got to do there."

Owens also runs track and played his first season of varsity basketball last year. Owens will continue to run track, but he's on the fence about basketball.

"I ran track and I played basketball my sophomore year," Owens said. "I wasn't very good at basketball, but I'm debating playing again this season."

Regardless of his decision, Owens and his football teammates have their sights set on the ultimate goal.

"I can now focus on my school and taking it to a state championship," Owens said.

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