An Open Line of Communication

Dallas Warmack found out Georgia may have the best academic fit for him.

Dallas Warmack and his parents visited Georgia's campus on Tuesday and found the school's communications program may be in the offensive guard's best interest.

Warmack said football is important, but not as important as his collegiate studies.

"It's easy," Warmack said. "You have to graduate."

Graduating with a degree in communications is among Warmack's biggest long-term goals, and he said Georgia may be the best place for him to achieve that.

"I heard they were one of the top communications programs," Warmack said. "That was a big thumbs up for me."

Of all the coaches on Georgia's staff, Warmack said he talks to Coach Bryan McClendon the most. McClendon is a big fan of Warmack's pass blocking ability.

"He likes my pass blocking, my run blocking and my touch," Warmack said. "He likes the fact I'm athletic enough to get around defenders."

According to Warmack, his athleticism isn't the only thing the coaching staff has grown fond of.

"They like my character," Warmack said. "They all talk about how they like what my character would be like on the field for Georgia."

For now, Warmack's goal is to use his character to take his Mays team somewhere it's never been before.

"I want to go to the playoffs," Warmack said. "I haven't made it there yet since I've been in high school so it would be nice to make a little history."

In order to accomplish that, Warmack said his team has already started the preparation.

"My team and I have been working out from 10 to 12:30 every day," Warmack said. "The rest of it is talking to college coaches and finding what school fits the best."

Part of Warmack's search for the best fit starts with the coaching staff, and he said Georgia's was among the top he has spoken to.

"Talking to Coach Richt and all the other coaches was really the highlight," Warmack said.

While Warmack's parents choose to be responsible in finding the best academic fit for their son, he said they couldn't help but be impressed by Coach Richt's approach to recruiting.

"The education part was the most important part for them," Warmack said. "They also had a good talk with Coach Richt and the coaching staff."

Warmack couldn't help but enjoy his dialogue with the head coach either.

"Coach Richt is really laid back," Warmack said. "He's a cool guy so that was fun."

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