2013 Dawg Night: Reaction

ATHENS - Dean Legge gives his take on the rundown of Dawg Night 2013.

1. Dawg Night had one of, if not the largest turnouts in it's history. That's a good thing because so many people want to compete, and it made for a lot of competition. However, finding the talent in such a deep sea of players is tough.

Is this serious? There were more than 500 prospects on the Woodruff Practice fields. This event MUST BE LIMITED in some way. Everyone can't play at Georgia - and somehow we all move along with life.

There were too many players competing tonight. This is an elite event... Georgia's compliance office needs to have realistic expectations of the football staff on this one. This event should not be advertised as everyone will show up... tonight is the perfect example of that.

Dawg Night needs to be scaled back a ton. It has grown too large...

2. Weather wasn't pretty, but the show managed to go on... just a few hours later than planned. A severe storm drove players and coaches into the Butts-Mehre for a few hours, but play resumed around 8 p.m. After the delay, there was no lag time. Players were ready to go again and lasted well into the later parts of the night.

Here we go again.

If Georgia, a program with the means the likes of which the vast majority of the country is envious of, doesn't build an indoor facility what is the explanation as to why? Dawg Night was a great example of the need of a massive upgrade in that department.

Critics will say Georgia "doesn't need it". Georgia doesn't need a lot of things it already has. We live in the world we live in now... Georgia needs to figure out something on the indoor practice front. The meeting space that is carpeted with turf is not a practice facility... it is the remaining scar of Damon Evans' tenure as athletic director at Georgia.

3. On to one of the more important aspects of Dawg Night - recruiting. The first commit of the night came from 2014 wideout Shakenneth Williams. Rumors had surfaced that Williams would commit at Dawg Night, but he told me that it was more of an "in the moment" thing. Williams broke the ice during the rain delay by telling Richt he wanted to be a Dawg. Williams credits his decision to his relationship with Georgia's coaching staff as well as how comfortable his mother feels sending him to Georgia.

Good pick up for Georgia. Williams got the ball rolling on the night. Will be an outside receiver for Georgia in the future... explosive; can catch the ball.

4. Commitment number two came almost immediately after that from safety Kendall Gant. Gant, however, made his announcement via Twitter. Gant took to social media to tell Bulldog fans where he'd be spending his college years. He said he was committed to the G, as stated in a hashtag.

Don't know a ton on Gant, but he's lean, so he will need to make sure to gain good mass in the future. Have to wonder about the rest of 2014 secondary recruiting at this point as numbers are getting limited now.

5. The final commitment, at least for the day, came from offensive tackle Dyshon Sims. Sims joined the committed crowd a little later, however, making his decision known after drills concluded. Sims' commitment wasn't too much of a shocker, but it did give the staff a reason to celebrate on the way out the doors.

Great pickup for Georgia. The Dawgs were in the lead from the get go, and they needed to get Sims. This is important on a slew of different levels, but beating back Florida State at Lowndes is a pretty big turnaround in the last couple of years.

Will Friend, in my view, has picked up the way in which Georgia recruits on the offensive line. The recruiting at that position is not perfect, but it's vastly better than it had been. Friend is doing a very good job at his spot, and the crop of prospects in camp tonight proves that.

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