Spurrier's Magic

HOOVER, Ala. – It is amazing what Steve Spurrier has done in Columbia.


Putting aside that South Carolina has had two once-in-a-decade players on its roster over the last two years (Marcus Lattimore and Jadeveon Clowney), Spurrier has taken a program that's won only one conference championship (1969 ACC title), a team that is only 22 games over .500 in its history, had only won three bowl games before he arrived and has never won a major college bowl game and won 11 games in back-to-back seasons.


Steve Spurrier has given South Carolina half of its bowl wins, its only 11-win seasons, nearly half of its top 25 rankings and its only significant moment in SEC history – an appearance in the 2010 SEC Championship Game.

South Carolina, with very, very few exceptions, hasn't had a history in football. It's had the 1969 ACC title and the 1984 Black Magic season (which, if you are keeping score at home was so magical it included a loss to Navy).

The last time things were this good in Columbia was some time before William Sherman marched through.

Spurrier is part evil genius – part crybaby. But he's all coach, and there's not a better coach in the SEC.

Nick Saban? As Spurrier would say – why not try to do that somewhere other than Alabama (Wait, he also won it all at LSU?). The point remains, however, that what Spurrier has done at South Carolina should be commended, but that's not all he's got on his resume. Does anyone bother to remember what Spurrier did at Florida? He made Florida. Before he got there the Gators were best known for figuring out how to lose. Once he got there no one could figure out how to beat them.

Do I really need to bring up Spurrier at Duke?

Sometimes you just have to tip your cap. Steve Spurrier is the best coach in the SEC right now. He's probably one of the best three coaches (Saban and Bryant) to have ever coaches in this league.

When Spurrier goes off into that golf course in the sky people will appreciate everything he's done in his career, but no one more than South Carolina fans. Duke got the benefit of Spurrier, but then he left. He set up the Gators for long-term success, but that was his Alma Mater. He didn't owe South Carolina anything, but they owe him a ton.

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