2013 Media Days: Mark Richt Quotes

HOOVER, Ala. – Georgia head coach Mark Richt met with the local media Thursday morning.

Raw quotes from Mark Richt

It's an exciting time… that's for sure. I think after this everyone is ready to kick it off.

I like Aaron Murray, and I am glad we've got him. The SEC has a bunch of great QBs. They have played in big games and had success. But Aaron is a 365-day-a-year QB. He's very organized. He's got his teammates involved. This is the time of year he has to be involved. He said he's tired and ready for camp to start because he's so involved. He's very serious about the way he eats and trains.

He didn't have to do stuff like Countdown to Kickoff, but he understands his role. I think he understands the big picture… he will spoil you.

I got to know Clowney a little bit. He's got a good sense of humor. I think there were a pretty good amount of guys scared of him.

At FSU a lot of guys were just one or two-year starters. I think if you have success training guys at a certain position it gives guys you are recruiting a certain sense that you know what you are doing. Mike Bobo needs to be given credit, too. We run a system that a lot quarterbacks are going to love. When they walk out of our program they are ready. They are ready to talk to coaches and GMs, or to coach themselves – and in the business world, too.

I didn't think (the question after the SEC Championship Game) was the right time to ask that question. I think there were more appropriate things to talk about than that questions. But we don't want moral victories. People are still talking about that game – not just in the South – everywhere I go.

I think the spiking rule (new rule) is a good rule. So now you know when there are two seconds or less – that's the last play of the game. I think that's going to be helpful. We talk about that with our QBs a lot about that. The targeting rule really hasn't changed – I guess that has changed some. They have made the defenseless player a little changed.

Internally we always had faith. We believed in one another. That was our only chance was to trust in each other. It was healthy for us to go through that. We understood how important it would be to be together. 2010 was not a fun year at all. But even we didn't have an issue with losing the team or the staff. 2011 was pretty exciting because we started 0-2 and things were going ruff – that was the height of things being negative.

I think most fans are concerned about the team. They just want to win. They just want a team to reach its full potential.

I don't know on the place kicking. That's probably going to be a closer to game day thing.

Only if you win (on playing difficult games at first).

We've got to decide some things on defnse. We have a lot of young people. I don't know what it will look like with JHC not out there. But he was the starter coming out of the spring, but we have another 29 practices to go.

I have heard nothing but great reports on our guys. Second hand from Murray – he feels like they have had a great summer.

On being picked to win the SEC East

I knew us Florida or South Carolina… I think it is a tough call this year in particular with those three teams. You never know when Tennessee will rise up or anyone else… either.

Austin Long's status is still undetermined right now. He's going through so academic stuff right now. I don't know about him working out. I was really hoping to know something on Kolton Houston by now, but we've not heard anything yet.

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