2013 Media Days: The Reaction

HOOVER, Ala. - Georgia hit the Media Days stage on Thursday, and Dean Legge reacts to what went down.

1. I'll start out with a big one. Georgia was picked to win the SEC East this season. It's a huge deal, especially for Aaron Murray. Murray wants to win the East as well as the whole thing. It's a big honor for Georgia. However, it's like Nick Saban said, the media doesn't pick the actual winner most of the time. Stay tuned on that one, it's a long season.

Yeah, the media gets it wrong a lot... that's going to happen with the crowd I walked around most of the last few days. I, really, wonder how many of these folks know what "buckle your chinstraps" means.

Free food or staring at women way out of their league seems to be what most of the clowns credentialed at Media Days specialize in more than football.

But, hey - good for Georgia and Bama. I feel certain CBS would take a rematch in the SEC Championship Game - 16 million viewers can't all be wrong.

2. Speaking of Murray, he's back and he's all in. He wants to avenge last season's loss to Alabama in the SEC title game. First thing's first, Murray must get to that game. Not saying he can't. He's a great player with a lot of talent, but it is the title game for the best football conference in the nation. He's not scared either.

Murray came back for a reason - to win it all. That's a difficult thing to accomplish to be sure. It seems so far away from happening in July - everything seems so far away. But Murray has been the go-to guy this summer. He's organized everything and kept the program on track.

We will find out how much rhetoric is actually true when the band starts play, but my guess is that Murray didn't come back to dance Downtown... he wants to win - don't let his pleasant demeanor fool you.

3. Jadeveon Clowney says otherwise. Clowney called Murray 'scared' in an interview earlier this week. Murray disagreed, explaining that 'respect' has a completely different meaning than 'fear.' Murray respects Clowney, but he may not do that in Athens when the Bulldogs take on South Carolina for their second game.

Respect. That was the word of the day for the Bulldogs (man Claude Felton must hammer home what these guys are going to say the entire car ride from the airport)... Jadeveon Clowney's running his mouth, and Georgia isne't commenting much. Good for Georgia.

How does Clowney benefit from this in any way? He doesn't. Clowney better hope the Cocks make it four in a row. The last two guys bumping their pie hole about Georgia each lost by three-plus touchdowns.

Note to college football - Georgia can sleepwalk... don't wake them up.

4. Richt was at Media Days too. Don't let me forget about him, like I could. He was there, he was on stage and he was his usual easy-going self. In Richt's opinion schemes are important, but actually carrying out the act is key. Richt said his team has to do its job in order to be successful this season. He said there will be challenges for Georgia's defense, and it will be a tough job. He knows how strong the Clemson and South Carolina offenses are, and said Georgia will just have to be as prepared as possible going into those match-ups.

"Richt was at Media Days too. Don't let me forget about him" - He was? I missed him. I'm not sure if he's ever said anything of note in 13 years.

Look - great message discipline by him... good for him. This is not his scene.

5. Did I mention the loss to Alabama in the SEC title game? I think I did. That's because it still loomed over Murray's head during Media Days this week. He was probably asked about the final seconds of that game 20 times on Thursday but he took it like a champ, metaphorically speaking. He's not a champ yet, but that's why he's back in Athens. He wants it back. He watches that game often, and this is his chance for vengeance against the Tide or whoever shows up to the title game this year.

Yeah, the Media is that way... and everyone reads/watches it.

That's the world we live in. Georgia didn't get in the last five yards. Now Murray and company have to start the process to getting back to Atlanta all over again. Nothing less than the SEC Championship will do - and that's a heck of a challenge.

I hope Murray is up to it. Time will tell - he was last year.

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