Options Abound

There's not much better than the pre-camp press conference to put everyone on notice.

And that's just what Mike Bobo and Todd Grantham did on Wednesday. Michael Thornton – not the starter yet at nose. John Theus – splitting time with at right tackle with Xzavier Ward.

The purpose of these meetings with the media is not really to let us know what's really going on as much at it is a starting point for the fall camp… a marker of where we are at before anything happens. It's not a meaningless thing – press conferences can be effective ways of sending a message in a different way.

The only thing we know for sure coming out of Wednesday is that Merritt Hall isn't the starting fullback anymore – that's Quayvon Hicks… for the time being. But Bobo said the competition for the starting spot won't be decided until fall camp is over.

J.J. Green may or may not be a running back in the future (here's betting that he won't). Tramel Terry won't be able to do everything at the start of fall camp, which should be no surprise at all (here's betting he won't play in 2013). Jonathon Taylor May play defensive end or nose (here's betting he will play both).

We know that Tim Kimbrough and Johnny O'Neal will start their careers at inside linebacker (actually, I think we pretty much already knew that), but we really don't know how much they will play this season. Georgia's already got starting inside linebackers (Amarlo Herrera and Ramik Wilson) and now it has to figure out who the backups are – and Reggie Carter will be one of them.

I guess the most interesting thing for me to watch is what will happen on the defensive line. I've heard so much positive stuff about Thornton that I have to give it merit. But it's going to be hard not to rotate a bunch of guys at nose – and that's what Grantham indicated today as well. Georgia doesn't have a go-to guy in the middle of the defensive line, so it will go with a bunch of guys.

The Bulldogs – essentially – will play defensive line with waves of players. Garrison Smith will be the anchor on the line, but everyone else will get their shot at their spot. And there are slew of names to keep track of: Chris Mayes, Mike Thornton, John Atkins, Sterling Bailey, Ray Drew and Toby Johnson (who is now dunking basketballs…?!?). That group doesn't have a headliner – but it is a solid group, and should give Georgia what it needs to win.

Those guys all have drawbacks, but they all have strengths, too.

What we learned today is that Georgia has options. The Bulldogs return pretty much everyone on offense, and yet there are still position battles – that's the way you win titles. On defense the Dawgs are going to try to run as many players as possible at the opposition, but have their best three players at each level on the field at the same time (Smith, Jordan Jenkins and Damian Swann).

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