Fall Camp: The Rundown

ATHENS - Mark Richt and players met with media prior to fall camp to discuss the start of practice as well as the upcoming season.

1. Richt and the team are getting back into gear today with the start of fall camp. That being said, he won't have everyone due to ensuing academic work from the summer session. Richt has most of the guys out, but he will have to wait on a few.

2. Comments have lingered about Georgia's defense as well as last year's SEC Championship game. Richt is done with them. He said it's a new season with a new team and that's the way he's going about preparation for the upcoming schedule. The defense will have challenges, but Richt said he'll just have to feel them out during the preseason.

3. Kolton Houston is back. This probably could have been number one, but it's here for the time being. Richt seemed extremely pleased to have Houston back, and said he would go ahead and get him started with work at left guard. In fact, Houston will train at a few places in the future. Houston's got the talent and experience to be ready to go quick.

4. Clemson? Yeah, Richt has thought about them. A lot. He said he and his staff have been putting that game plan together since before the summer began, but it may still need some tweaking. Along with Clemson, thought has already been put toward South Carolina and a few opponents for down the road. However, Richt knows as well as anyone that those plans could change soon after the first few games.

5. How good is Jadeveon Clowney? Richt says he's already a future NFL Hall of Famer. A lot of Clowney talk this offseason I know, but when Richt makes comments like those you've got to listen. Richt also made the remark that Clowney is currently the best college football player in America. Not many would disagree, I'm sure.

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