Jenkins Ready For a New Role

ATHENS - Linebacker Jordan Jenkins doesn't want all the Bulldogs' success to lie in the hands of the offense this season.

A lot of the pressure has been placed on Georgia's offense this season, but Jordan Jenkins wants some of it put back on his defense.

Concern has been stressed about the defense's lack of depth, leading some to believe the offense will have to put up bigger numbers in order to win games. Jenkins, however, says there should be no such correlation between the two units.

"Personally, I don't want to rely on the offense," Jenkins said. "I just don't want to put it in our mindset that if we mess up the offense will bail us out."

Jenkins knows the defense will face challenges this season after losing a few of its leaders, but he said the unit should play at the same level the offense does.

"The offense is going to do their thing and I feel like we have to be great defensively just to win this year," Jenkins said. "We lost all those guys so there's no room for error."

The defense gets the privilege of playing against this offensive unit every day, a task Jenkins said should have the team well-prepared for the season opener at Clemson.

"It will definitely be good because we've got a mobile quarterback and a good passer," Jenkins said. "He [Murray] might not be as big as Tahj [Boyd], but it's definitely a great thing to play against this offense because they don't take it easy."

However, Jenkins said the offense is starting to carry most of the confidence around the locker room after the departure of former defensive stars.

"They like to have that swagger now," Jenkins said jokingly. "Now that the draft picks are gone they think they can run over us so it will be interesting to see how we do against them in this first scrimmage."

Former linebacker Jarvis Jones felt the pressure of power runs in his direction on several occasions including the SEC Championship game against Alabama. Jenkins will more than likely feel that same pressure this year, but he said he'll just have to learn how to react.

"It would shock me at first, but I would just have to adjust to it, do what's right and do the best I can for my team," Jenkins said.

Georgia still has decisions to make as far as finalizing its defense. While some of those decisions were made in the spring, there are still unanswered questions about the defense as fall practices commence.

"I definitely see some uncertainty position-wise," Jenkins said. "We've got all these guys competing, so all the stuff from the spring is almost null and void from the summer. I may have to see some practice, but right now I'm definitely uncertain about who's going to start where once the season starts."

As far as Jenkins' role this season, he said it's different to say the least.

"There's definitely a lot more pressure on my shoulders than there was last year," Jenkins said. "I feel like people are expecting a lot of things out of me this year. Last year I was behind Jarvis and now that they're gone it's my time and the team's time to shine."

Though Jenkins is taking on Jones' prior role, he hasn't had a chance to talk to the Pittsburgh rookie about his current situation.

"I haven't hit him up about that yet," Jenkins said. "But I definitely will one day."

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