HD Video: Richt Recaps 1st Two Days of 2013

ATHENS - Georgia coach Mark Richt meets with the press after the first two days of 2013 Fall Camp.


Josh Dawson has put on some very good weight. He's an end who knows the outside linebacker and end position. He will be capable of playing both, but his primary position is playing defensive end.

After watching Bennett rehab all summer I am not surprised (with him). I think he's gained a lot of confidence with it. Tramel is on the way from recovering from his ACL [injury] too. It's a pleasant surprise to see him [Bennett] running around as well as he is. The last thing a wide receiver wants to wear is a big brace like that, but he [Terry] is working through it. Tramel Terry is still about two weeks behind Bennett – just basically when the injury and surgery happened. Tramel has worked hard. Tramel is farther along than I thought he would be, but he's not had as much time to do it as Bennett has. The last thing a WR wants to wear is a big old brace. Tramel is very raw – he's tremendous athlete. He's, for the most part, playing a new position.

Kolton will play this year without a doubt – he's competing for playing time and a starting position. We are trying to find the top five and where to put them. A lot of guys can play different positions, and Kolton is one of them. We just have to figure out what our best five is. A year ago we were concerned and struggling to find five who could play, but now we have close to 10 people who can line up and play SEC football. I think we'll sub some, but I don't think you sub a lot on the offensive line due to the cohesiveness. One thing we did well last year was focus on assignments. My guess is that we'll sub about the same amount as we did last year on the offensive line. I couldn't tell you the top five guys right now. It is a little confusing because some guys can play multiple positions. I don't know if we have ten guys who have a chance to kick someone's tail, but he might have ten that could play.

I think we are going to substitute some on the offensive line. It's such a big cohesion thing. One thing we did last year was that we were pretty good on our assignments and we got after it. We have to be careful what we do and when we sub. We will defiantly rotate on the defensive line. I don't know if there is any one or two guys where they are just so much better than the others. It will be who is in the best condition and who will not bust an assignment. They are all (about the same) in terms of talent.

I don't think teams are going to say "We've got to get a plan for Jordan Jenkins". But that remains to be seen. I think he'll have a lot of the same opportunities he had last year.

I will say this about Floyd – you see a really big upside with him. He's really long and athletic. He seems to be in great condition. He's got great upside. You rarely see strength in players who are that long and lean, but there's a lot of potential with him. If you can get a good power base, you can defend well. Even JHC is can do that.

I think Theus knows that Xavier Ward is there. As I watch it, one play Ward looks really good and the next he's off balance. He's defiantly competing. But Theus is so far ahead of where he was last year, as a true freshman, but John still has a ways to go, too.

On J.J. Green – He's getting a majority of his reps at tailback. We have a good number of receivers right now who know what to do and how to play. Right now he's not far enough along. We can't say right now if he'll be better than someone who is already out there. we will just wait and see how he develops.

We are very open with regard to wanting to win the SEC East and play in the SEC Championship. We know that if we win the East will have a pretty good chance (to play for the BCS title). Right now we just focus on little things like team meetings or how we eat. The process of where we want to get is what we are focusing on.

On the young guys: They're hungry and ready to play. They want to show coaches they can play. There are a few guys on defense who are comfortable. Some guys are still wide-eyed and trying to figure out what they're doing. I told the guys, 'you either learn what you do, or you perfect what you do.

On using iPads and the digital learning curve:

I've got an iPad and I brought mine in today to make sure I'm connected to the system. Now I can watch practice at home. It's nice. We've had players begging for more info to be synced into their computers. It's a great system. It's phenomenal. The good thing about technology is you don't have to know how it works – you just have to know how to use it. I have people around here who help me with that, but it's really simple to run.

Standout players for Richt:

Swann had a couple of picks today and looked really good. Shaq Wiggins looked good. He's a fiery competitor. (Brendan) Langley looked really good too. You kind of expect (Aaron) Murray to be sharp and he has been that. Amarlo (Herrera) has done great getting his weight down. He's doing that and getting his stamina up. It's hard to say a lot about linemen.

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