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ATHENS - Another edition of Dean Legge' news, notes and "possibly" relavant rambling.

I've taken over The Mailbag... I'll get straight to the point - here are my feelings about that:

BIGBUSINESSBULLDAWG starts this edition of the mailbag with this line of questioning:

I'll start...what is your projected score of the Clemson game?

Dawgs by more than four… call it 35-28ish.

Based off of Mark Richt's recent quote if we won it all this year does he pass the torch or would his contract prevent him of doing that?

Rule #1 of college football – coaching contracts are meaningless. On top of that the way Richt's new contract is structured he can pretty much walk away when he wants to. He doesn't have all of the silliness he had in the last contract he signed when Damon Evans was in charge. Richt and Greg McGarity sat down and hammered out a contract both were comfortable with, and part of that included that Richt could walk away.

With that said, I think it is certainly possible that when Richt wins it all he's grabs the mic with one hand gives everyone else the middle finger with the other hand and says: "Y'all are all dirty cheaters… I win; Y'all lose. Boca Bitch!" Drops the mic and exits stage left for good.

Now, that's probably not the way he would leave the stage, but it would be what he's thinking. I don't think he's going to leave before the 2016 season. That's just what I gather in my comings and goings in and around Athens. That could change with a BCS title in 2013, but I'd say it probably won't.

If the torch did get passed would it be to Bobo or Grantham?

It would be Bobo. That's my bet right now. I'd also watch Charlie Strong and, of course, Kirby Smart. Everyone can't have the job at once, but I would bet that Bobo would get a good, hard look.

I still want to find out where to get my damn tatoo if we take it all the way... Ask fletch.

Fletcher sucks. I got $100 on that tattoo if it goes down like you are saying it might. I would go with American Classic Tattoo. Downtown on Baxter. Other than that… I hate needles, so I'm not going to be there when it happens.

On to the next one… terrykelly asks:

Every year I see where UGA makes millions on the football program. In your opinion will they ever spend some of this to build a quality indoor practice facility and training room. I think this is a must to stay competitive in the SEC.

Yes. It is only a matter of time, but I a not sure how long an amount of time we are talking about. Georgia is hemorrhaging money, like the other SEC schools, and it is going to have to spend it at some point. Keep in mind that Georgia is considered a non-profit outfit by the Feds… Congress is going to start looking and the likes of the NCAA, the SEC and its members and questioning if you are really a non-profit if you are sticking millions of dollars in the bank each year.

They are going to spend it, but I am not 100% sure when or how. What I don't understand is the visceral reaction on either side of the issue. What difference does it really make if Georgia has a legit indoor practice facility to use? I mean its not preventing the Dawgs from winning it all; it won't necessarily put them over the top, either.

What is the big deal either way?

But if you are going to have everything else… and I mean everything else… you may as well have something more than a 20-yard meeting space with turf on the ground. You may as well do it right. That one is on Damon Evans.

HawgSlopper naively asks:

What's your favorite color?

I think we all know the answer to that one.

Ugapitcrew asks these probing questions:

How many natties do you think CMR's will have won when he retires as he has suggested at about 60?

That's a little less than ten years from now. I'm going to go Bobby Bowden and say two – one with a loss, and one undefeated.

UGA has recruited well. Not complaining. Christian Miller's commitment was a surprise. Do you think he is a likely flip?

No. When was the last time Georgia got an Alabama commit to switch and sign with Georgia? I can't think of a time when that happened. I'd say its pretty unlikely. We will see.

Anyone committed elsewhere that is a more likely candidate to flip?

That's always possible. I think most of the guys Georgia is still in the hunt for for these final few spots are pretty much uncommitted. But its late July – recruiting is always fluid. Committed players for other schools are not on my travel list for August… I will put it that way.

Why do Gators just suck?

It's a condition; not treatable.

Jawjudawg asks:

Do you think that Zac Bebell will ever play ? I was thinking when we got him that he was going to be a good one, was I wrong ? I know he was hurt , but if he wasnt would he even crack the lineup ?

Right now he wouldn't crack the starting lineup. He's a redshirt sophomore who needed to develop. I still think he's got some developing to do. He might have gotten a few more snaps had he not been hurt in the past. But sometimes you are taking healthy risks on offensive linemen. You want to get a frame and see if guys can develop into players. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it is somewhere in between. Right now we don't know what it is for DeBell… yet.

SuwaneeDawg03 wonders:

What did you think of CMR's comments on Clowney as the best player in all of football including the NFL? I thought it was a brilliant move by Evil Richt. (If we meet aTm in the SECCG, then he needs to do it again for Johnny Foolsball.)

I wrote about that… you can really more about it here. I agree… it was a "brilliant move by Evil Richt". I just don't think people understand what he's doing.

Do you foresee us using our run game even more this year to keep our D off the field?

I see Georgia using the run game early, often and then some more. I think they will get a lead and front run. I think we are going to see higher sack numbers overall this season because of some of the leads the offense will put up. Teams will try to play catch up, and they will have to deal with pressure. That's probably the game plan.

Will we lose a game this year due to poor special teams play?

I don't think so. I guess the South Carolina game could be put on special teams, but the Alabama was very close because of special teams. Whenever you lose you can look at special teams and wonder what more it could do – usually you can find fault in there somewhere in the kicking game.

Is it possible to do a story on the progress of the nutritionist, speed coaching, and new weight training regiments?

I'll try to get that entire thing into the magazine sometime in the near future. This is the time of year that's so busy it's hard to give that sort of story the time it needs to be good. But I've now got that written down.

Lastly, we have all seen the Bama waterfalls, so what will be our next step to keep up with the Jones'? (I know it is a touchy subject and running joke, but it has just been reported that Buford, yes Buford HIGH SCHOOL, is getting an indoor facility.)

Red and black unicorns. #sopretty.

GoodDawg4733 decides to test my geopolitical knowledge:

Do you think Murray has a different focus this year given the finality of his NCAA career looming? I saw a different person when he jogged off the field in the SECC with helmet on and head down, just seemed different, seemed like he understood he'd only get one more shot.

Well Aaron seems to be a little lighter this season. You can see his chest poke out a little more these days, and that's sort of saying something because he wasn't out of shape to start with. I think he understands that there's a lot of money on the line for him over the next few months. He probably also gets that he could go down as the greatest college quarterback ever to play at Georgia.

Murray is missing two things on that front, and he can get them both this season – a BCS national title and an SEC crown. Buck Belue was really good at handing the ball off to Herschel Walker, but he still gets credit for winning the 1980 national title. Georgia is probably more overdue on the national title front than anyone in the country.

Time to get it done Murray.

If Russia attacked Turkey from the rear would Greece help??

With what Army?

Sure, every Greek man 18 or above has to spend nine months in the military (I guess that's sort of like saying: hey… your pregnant… get after it). But Greece spends less than $10 billion a year on military spending.

Bro, Russia wanted to spend about $640 billion on its military between 2011 and 2020. That's not close. This isn't 213 BC – Greece isn't rolling like that these days. Pammenes of Thebes isn't walking through that door anytime soon. We live in the world we live in today…

Besides… Turkey is trying to keep it low key. If Russia attacked Turkey from the rear the EU would be up in arms; that would pretty well start World War III. Plus, is Putin really going to get into a fight with one of Iran's neighbors? I don't see it.

Now, if you are looking to get a great Greek meal in Atlanta – which means DeKalb County – check out Chris' Pizza in Toco Hills, which is a nice place. I recommend letting the early birds get their dinner on – they get there around 4:30ish.

RyanJordan brings his A game with this question:

What's a quieter place for a Publisher to work? A) An Illinois football game in Memorial Stadium; B) A Georgia basketball game in Stegeman Coliseum.

Considering Illinois doesn't play football (but some sort of version of it that, apparently, doesn't involve scoring on offense or preventing scoring on defense) – I would say Memorial Stadium.

I hear from my embedded sources at Illinois (it's a dude who rides a bike around town and makes sure to bring Tupperware to the free media lunches to make sure he: A) Gets a roadie green snack; B) Doesn't pollute the Earth more by using a paper plate.) that the students in that Midwestern college town actually dress up as empty seats for big ball games. It actually works, too. I swear… the students do such a good job it seems no one is in the stadium.

That's it for this week's new and improved Mailbag. I look forward to more of your questions as I try to pass the low bar set by my former employee. Hey everyone can't be good at their job Fletcher… someone has to be the publisher at the Illinois site.

Until next time:

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