Fall Camp Day Three: The Rundown

Georgia hit the practice fields for its third day of fall camp on Saturday.

1. First day in pads and shorts. Time for contact. The defense was hitting. Not hard, but still hitting. From what we could see, the defense looked good. The new guys are taking it all in stride right now. Obviously it's tough for the first-years to pick up the playbook in the first three days, but they've got the physicality and toughness they need to play at this level.

2. The Dawgs have a new motto, and it reads "New Year. New Team. One Dream." Richt has been all about it according to some sources, and Connor Norman even said the seniors developed most of the slogan. It's all about those three for Georgia. The first being that it is a new year. Richt has shouted that multiple times on the practice field. Last year is over. It's not last year. It's not the Alabama game anymore. The 2012 SEC Championship game is over. It's definitely a new team, and it has a new defense to be specific. However, that defense isn't backing down from anything. Those players are confident that they're ready to go. As far as that dream, it will speak for itself eventually. Richt doesn't talk national titles openly, but it's all you can hope for as a team on the verge of breaking out.

3. The offense looked good as usual. The talk's been all about the defense because no one has to talk about how good Murray or Gurley are. They're just going to do their thing. Even the younger guys are impressive out there. J.J. Green and A.J. Turman don't look like new guys. They just look like Georgia guys. The offense isn't worried, and I know that because Bobo was relatively quiet today.

4. I keep hearing the name Leonard Floyd, or Flo as his fellow defenders call him. The veterans are impressed by his play, as anyone who has watched him the past three days should be. The guy is a great linebacker with some unbelievable size at 6-foot-4. He even gets around well, and he could add some extra muscle to that 220 frame before the season starts.

5. The defense wants its own identity. It continues to be asked whether or not it can hold down the fort or not. Does the offense have to put up 35 or more every game to win? The Ramik Wilson doesn't seem to think so. He says the offense is going to do its thing, and the defense will do its. Wilson said he's not worried about the offense. He's just going to focus on his guys.

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