Vasser Ready for Contact

ATHENS - It had been a while since the Dawgs made contact before Saturday's practice, but no defender was more eager to put his pads back on than Chase Vasser.

Vasser tore his labrum in Georgia's win over Kentucky last season, but the injury hurt more than just his shoulder.

"It hurt really bad," Vasser said. "I felt like I wasn't even a part of the team. I worked so hard to help the team out as much as I possibly could and so quickly if was just taken away from me."

The Chestatee alum had his season ended that week, but his road to recovery remained lengthy. Vasser endured the pains of rehabilitation as well as the discomfort of dealing with an ailing labrum.

"I would wish this surgery on none of my enemies," Vasser said. "It's a terrible six weeks in a sling where you can't even move. You have to sit in an upright position to sleep and even when you're there the blood is pumping through your scars. It just hurts really bad."

Pain is something Vasser talks about a lot when describing last year's injury, but it's in the past for him now. The senior had no problems getting back into contact drills on Saturday.

"It was the first time so I was a little nervous, but I knew I'd trained so hard to get back to where I was last year," Vasser said. "I know they did the correct things to get my shoulder and rotator cuff good. It held up and I had no pain whatsoever."

While Vasser was pleased with the success he had during day three's tackling drills, he admits he too had his doubts going into the practice.

"The first smash was all I was worried about," Vasser said. "After the first smash I didn't even realize I was hitting. Once the play was over I was ready to go."

Vasser is ready to go, and he's ready to do whatever it takes to get back on the field. Ego is something Vasser doesn't have right now. He said he doesn't care what role he has to take on, whether it be starting at special teams or coming off the bench. Vasser is optimistic he'll get that chance.

"I feel like as long as I keep playing coach will find a spot for me," Vasser said. "It doesn't matter whether I start or not."

Though he's more ready to go than ever after the injury, Vasser says he realizes he's missed a lot of time since tearing his labrum. He'll be patient as he makes his way back up Georgia's depth chart.

"I did miss the spring and a lot of last season, so I'm just going to do whatever I can to hopefully help the team get back to an SEC Championship," Vasser said.

Vasser and the Dawgs have big hopes; title hopes at that. However, it's still fall camp, and Vasser is trying to enjoy the little victories like having the ability to be back out on the field.

"Just being out there today really helps me know I'm back on the team," Vasser said.

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