Fall Camp Day Four: The Rundown

ATHENS - Here's the rundown of Georgia's fourth day of fall camp on Sunday.

1. The team was in shorts and pads for the second day on Sunday and the young defenders continue to look more comfortable. They're still learning the playbook, obviously, but they continue to impress coaches and older players. Shaquille Fluker made his first real outing yesterday according to Todd Grantham, but he already looks like a regular. He's developing more by the day, which is what Grantham expects from his guys.

2. Summer workouts paid off for the young guys who showed up each day. One in particular was Shaq Wiggins. Coaches like Richt and Grantham continue to brag on Wiggins, but they know he's still got a long way to go. Wiggins is physically ready, but Grantham said he still has to develop. But hey, it's only day four and Grantham knows that. That's another reason why Grantham isn't ready to talk Clemson yet.

3. Clemson is a hot name around Butts-Mehre, but it's just day four. Grantham and the rest of the staff haven't really started to talk Clemson yet. In fact, Grantham said the staff won't really talk Clemson until the nine days leading up to the road game. There are a lot of games to play in the season and a lot of game plans to install, so those will come first.

4. With all the talk about Gurley and the defense, no one has had much time to recognize the offensive line. It looks good in case anyone was wondering. In fact, there are more than five guys who can fill those spots effectively. That's why Mike Bobo claims the returning starters on the line can't get complacent. One guy Bobo said is making a strong push for some major playing time is Watts Dantzler. Dantzler is working hard according to Bobo, and he's showing no signs of that complacency.

5. Is Leonard Floyd still good? Yes. If you ask anyone on the team what young defender stands out to them, Flo or Floyd will be one of the first words out of their mouths. He's good, and he appears to be getting better each day. That's what fall camp is all about though, right? FLoyd is 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds, which leads many to ask if he's big enough. He is, don't worry. Plus, he's around this strength and conditioning staff so he'll get bigger.

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