Winners, Losers, Up, and Down

This new feature on Between the Hedges will highlight the fortune and misfortunes of the college football world. While mainly focusing on Southern pigskin politics and play, the column will at some times discuss issues that are affecting the national scene.


This season's ACC coaches

Normally beaten up as the forgotten big name conference, at least now the ACC can claim that their coaches are on par with the rest of the countries. With two Bowdens, Al Groh, Chuck Amato, Ralph Friedgen and George O'Leary the conference has "stepped it up" so-to-speak during the annual coaching merry-go-round that is college football.

The ACC is always looking for respect, and now it seems that the mainstream media is giving them some. Not for their team's performance, instead in the potential of the head coaches at the conference's schools.


Georgia's off the field troubles continue in the summer papers

Still staggering from the often described "undisciplined" era of Jim Donnan, Georgia can not seem to escape the headlines, and for all the wrong reasons. Last week Bruce Adrine was booked in Athens. The procedure was as a result of an altercation that occurred in the spring in an Athens bar. Tight End Randy McMichael has been suspended for the Arkansas State game by the Georgia staff for his involvement in the fight.


Either Cory Phillips or David Greene

One of these two men, and perhaps DJ Shockley, will emerge as the starting quarterback for Georgia this season. While the odds are that Greene will win the battle, due in part to his ability to pick up the offense so quickly, Phillips and Shockley both have been rumored to have had a strong start to the summer.

Head Coach Mark Richt says that he will decide on one quarterback this week. Richt has stated previously that he is not interested in rotating two quarterbacks.

George Godsey

He has more than battled back through hard times this spring and summer in order to get himself in playing form for the Syracuse game in a few short days. George Godsey claims that he is not as swift as he was this time last season, which is saying a lot considering how stiff he was before his knee injury at the Peach Bowl last season. But now it is different. After surviving reconstructive knee surgery, Godsey has had to battle media questions and summer heat in order to get himself where he needs to be for his team, under center. It is yet to be seen if Godsey will be as successful without now Maryland Head Coach Ralph Friedgen, but we will know soon enough.


The Palmetto Bowl

Never heard or it? Lou Holtz likes it that way. Even thought the Palmetto Bowl never took place nor was ever scheduled to take place, it is most certainly a loser this week. Lou Holtz managed to squash any hopes of the Aloha Bowl relocating in Columbia by saying that USC facilities would not be available to participating bowl teams if USC was in a bowl themselves. Holtz was also concerned about other teams coming into South Carolina to recruit kids from the Palmetto State. Moneys that could be used to bolster the struggling South Carolina economy be damned, Holtz is concerned about losing a recruit.

Some members of the South Carolina State Legislature found it odd that Holtz wanted to dictate what could and could not be done at Williams-Brice Stadium, a public facility, and demanded that more effort be put in recruiting the bowl game to South Carolina. But it was not to be.

Alabama quarterbacks

Unlike Mark Richt, Alabama Head Coach Dennis Franchione says that he has no problem running an offense with two quarterbacks. Both Andrew Zow and Tyler Watts are expected to share time in the Alabama offense. Franchione claims that he is comfortable with the two-quarterback system because he has won a conference title with it in the past.

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