HD Video: Richt's Monday Conference

ATHENS - Georgia coach Mark Richt meets with the press following Monday's practice.


"First day in pads. Guys played as hard as I could hope for them to play today."

"We did a little three on three scrimmage. Offense won on a tiebreaker. It was a very heated and intense competition which was great."

On Bellamy's and DeLoach's thumb surgeries:

"There's a lot of hand to hand contact, but we're going to get them fixed up soon. They'll be back and we'll club them up after surgery. We'll let them practice after that. He [DeLoach] knows what to do and he'll still get mental reps so he'll be fine. I don't think we have to worry about that too much right now, but Chase [Vasser] will get some reps. We'll throw a lot of guys in there. It's not as tough on a veteran to miss that sort of time, but it's tough on a new guy. It is inconvenient for them not to be there, but we'll try to get them as many mental reps as possibly. "

Impression of J.J. Green:

"Somehow he rolled over the pile on one play today, stayed on his feet and ran for a touchdown. That was a pretty impressive run."

On new guys:

"Leonard [Floyd] is having a good camp. Shaq Wiggins and Brendan Langley are looking good and Shaq is competing very well. Reggie Carter is getting a lot of solid second team reps and learning what to do. [Tim] Kimbrough and Johnny O'Neal are some names that come to mind."

On Tray Matthews' big-hitting tendencies:

"We talk to everyone about big hits so we're not going to single them out. We're just trying to teach them all about that."

Defensive game plans this season:

"Every year you have to decide what your guys can comprehend. You have to know if they can play fast and not miss assignments. When it gets close to game time, Coach Grantham has to decide how much he wants to keep in the plan. By the time the game comes, if we think they get it we'll leave it in. "

On a new season:

"I don't think they were thinking about last season today. I think they were just thinking about competing. It was full pads so I think they were just thinking about taking it to the ground today."

On Christian LeMay:

"When Christian does it right, it's pretty. It's all about getting him to continue that right now."

On Watts Dantzler's progress:

"There's no guarantee last year's starters will be this year's starters. Kolton Houston is another guy making some good progress."

On the depth chart:

"I think because we're still mixing and matching and giving opportunities up front; I don't think they feel like one unit up front. It's like a revolving door. Soon enough we'll have to decide and get some continuity there, though. We're not going to just line up three guys up front, we've got to roll."

On Brian Kelley's comments about a ND-UGA rivalry:

"I don't know how in the world we got in the conversation of Notre Dame's schedule, but we'll play Notre Dame or whoever else wants to schedule us."

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