Fall Camp Day Five: The Rundown

ATHENS - The Dawgs took to the practice fields for their first day in full pads on Monday.

1. First day in full pads, and the Dawgs didn't look timid at all. In fact, the younger guys were getting after it out there. Richt talked about the 'wow' factor of freshman back J.J. Green. Green had a touchdown run during a quick scrimmage that had coaches and teammates saying "HELLO." Green rolled over a pile of defenders, and just when the defense thought he was down, he stayed on his feet and took it to the house. Richt liked what he saw.

2. Left thumb surgeries today for Davin Bellamy and James Deloach. These surgeries shouldn't hold them back for too long according to Richt. They'll be out a few weeks, but come back just in time to club up and practice for Clemson. These surgeries are tough on a new guy like Bellamy, but Richt expects for both the guys to get plenty of mental reps over the next couple of weeks.

3. The new guys continue to shine. I'm going to keep pounding the name Leonard Floyd into readers' heads the same way Richt and his players have pounded it into mine. The guy is good, but then again so are a lot of these freshmen and transfers. A few other names Richt tossed around were Shaq Wiggins, Tim Kimbrough and Johnny O'Neal. O'Neal is definitely someone worth paying attention to throughout this camp. Plus, Wiggins and Kimbrough have been making their names known around here too.

4. Chase Vasser is going to get some significant work due to the injuries of his fellow players. Vasser has worked hard to get back to the point he's at now, and it should pay off for him over the next few weeks. Vasser is going to get a lot of reps, but then again Richt plans on giving a lot of players chances throughout this period. Watch out for how Vasser responds.

5. Notre Dame? A natural rival? Could be. Richt seemed pretty fine with it either way. He doesn't seem to know how his team got into Brian Kelley's conversation on scheduling, but he said he would play Notre Dame if it wanted a game. Could be something to watch out for over the next few years, or it could just be talk. Richt is ready for whatever.

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