Keeping on Keeping on...

ATHENS – It's easy to see why Mike Bobo and Mark Richt have a reputation of developing quarterbacks.

Just look at the guys throwing the ball at practice each day at the Woodruff Practice fields. Aaron Murray, Hutson Mason, Christian LeMay, Brice Ramsey and others don't throw a bad ball – they just throw various levels of good (sometimes it is bad).

Mike Bobo focuses on the details of the position – stressing footwork more than folks might think. It doesn't surprise me watching Georgia's process in development of quarterbacks over the last decade-plus time Richt company have been around the program.

David Greene, D.J. Shockley, Matthew Stafford – those guys came in pretty good… no question about that, but think about how good they were by the time they left; Greene as college football's all-time winningest signal caller; Shockley as a two-time SEC champion; Stafford as the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

Do you remember Stafford before he was "good" think back to the performance against Kentucky… those are the growing pains of a young quarterback.

But Aaron Murray went through that time, too. The errant overtime throw against Florida in 2010 – hell, the errant throws against Florida period through the years. But Murray has calmed it down, and now he's in position to be remembered better than any of Richt's former quarterbacks at Georgia.

Murray, who is nearly never discussed this time of year because of how entrenched he is as a starter, spins the ball amazingly well. He threw a slew of balls in the 15-minute period I watched the quarterbacks work with the tight ends and only threw one ball poorly.

What will help Hutson Mason in the future (or near future) is his quick release. He gets the ball out fast, and most of the time the ball is accurate. Murray spins the ball better than most anyone in the group. He's also got the most time on campus, and you can tell.

LeMay and Ramsey have been picking up the third-string repetitions along with walk-on Parker Welch. Ramsey, if you are not careful, will jump you in line to get an extra rep. LeMay has picked his game up of late, but he's going to have to continue on that path as it seems clear that Ramsey is going to be hard to hold off forever.

People always like to know what I think, and I think this: Aaron Murray will get the job done this season one way or another – sort of like his performance last season… sometimes it will not be pretty. Hutson Mason will go into spring as the #1 quarterback on the depth chart, and he should hold that spot coming out of the spring. But Ramsey will play in 2014 – one way or the other. He's still got flaws (can throw the ball behind players; just grasping the entirety of playing at this level) but he's already much better looking than he was in the spring. His potential is higher than anyone on campus – including Murray.

So the job will be Mason's to try and keep from the up-and-coming Ramsey. The options, for Bobo, Richt and the Dawgs in general, are not bad… not bad at all. You either get a fifth-year senior leading you in 2014 – the guy folks close to the program have told you secretly can get the job done every time you talk to them. Or you get closest thing to, gasp – (dare I say) Matthew Stafford since he left.

Either way, Georgia should be fine… and Bobo and Richt keep on keeping on. I hear Jacob Park is pretty good, too.

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