HD Video: Richt Ready for Scrimmage

ATHENS - Georgia coach Mark Richt meets with the press before the first scrimmage of the year.

Opening remarks:

This morning we had a kicking practice, and we did an awful lot of drills. Most of the time you think those are for kickers, but they're really about your team and learning what they need to do to protect. We just really did drills with our kickoff return. We didn't do full unit play yet. We're not there yet.

This afternoon we went shorts and helmets. I think the guys put out a good effort. The NCAA rules didn't force us to go shorts today. That was our decision. I thought we did good today.

On Wednesday's scrimmage:

I told them after practice today that every single drill they do we're evaluating. Even when they think I'm not watching, I am. I see the film every night. We're very sincere about wanting to play a lot of guys. We know everybody can't start, but if you've got two guys game-ready at a position you play them. There might be a guy at the end of this scrimmage that we determine can play for Georgia.

Shorts vs. pads:

They have to keep their focus. Sometimes guys view days without pads as 'chill out' days. In pads there are certain things you have to do or you'll get destroyed, whereas in shorts you can get away with a few more things. There are so many things you can do in shorts without getting beat up.

On Richt's eye over the players:

If we say to do something we're serious about it. Whatever it might be, if we say this is what we expect we're going to hold them accountable for it. The faster you learn to do it the Georgia way the faster you'll be able to play for Georgia and hopefully get your degree.

Josh Harvey-Clemons at linebacker:

We're just trying to figure out how to line up. He's a natural for that position because those positions are very alike in assignments. We need him to get a little work at that. It's really more of a quick fix right now with our injury situation with DeLoach, Floyd and Bellamy.

On left hand injuries:

I have no idea. It's hand to hand contact. You can strengthen everything in the world, but I don't know if you can strengthen your hands. We do a lot of walkthroughs. They'll at least be able to stand up and get reps at every position.

On one-on-ones:

We wanted to let our one units get more reps and more reps in succession. The twos might get four plays to the ones' six. Tomorrow when we scrimmage we won't do that.

No kick return today:

We didn't do any kickoff return today. We were trying to block for kicks and punts today. We did kick some extra points and field goals, but I haven't looked at the charts.

On Marshall Morgan's return:

If you ask me after the first half of the Clemson game, I'll be able to tell you.

On Hutson Mason:

The guy loves football and even did last year while he was second team. He always practices with a purpose, but I knew as last season went on it was getting tougher and tougher. Sometimes by the end of the season you know if you're going to get redshirted, but he didn't even know last season.

On quarterbacks:

It's hard to get them all a lot of reps. Faton Bauta has been having problems throwing lately with his shoulder. Everyone gets a lot of the fundamental work and if you're diligent you'll get some mental reps.

On Bauta:

He's a quarterback right now. We have't even gotten into any other discussions.

Young defensive backs:

Coach Grantham is not slowing down the installation. We're exposing them to everything in our playbook. They'll condense it and we'll run what we think we can run.

On College Gameday struggles:

I don't know when they're there. Maybe we're due.

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