Fall Camp Day Six: The Rundown

ATHENS - A rundown of Georgia's Tuesday practices as well as Richt's predictions about Wednesday's scrimmage.

1. First scrimmage of Fall Camp is set for tomorrow and if players think tomorrow decides their futures as a Dawg, they're wrong. Richt sees everything out there on the practice fields, and if he doesn't see it there he sees it on the film later in the evening. This is a chance for some of these guys to earn some serious playing time, but they've got to stay focused in practice too.

"There might be a guy at the end of this scrimmage that we determine can play for Georgia," Richt said.

That's enough to motivate anyone.

2. Georgia vs. Clemson got the nod for ESPN's College Gameday. That's a big deal for the fans, but it's not so much of one for Richt. He claims he never even knows then they're at the games. They're hard to avoid, but Richt does a good job of staying away from their spotlight apparently. Richt didn't elaborate too much on previous outcomes of College Gameday match-ups the Dawgs have been apart of, but said maybe the team's due for a win.

3. Josh Harvey-Clemons has seen some time at linebacker this Fall Camp. That's partly because Richt and his staff want him to be well-rounded in this defense. The other half of the reasoning is the shortage of linebackers due to surgeries for DeLoach, Bellamy and Floyd. They'll be back soon, but it never hurts to have options out there.

4. Richt was asked about when Marhsall Morgan will be back on the field. He casually responded by saying "If you ask me after the first half of the Clemson game, I'll be able to tell you."

That's pretty cryptic, but then again what response isn't when you're dealing with player suspensions.

5. Hutson Mason looks like he has gotten some confidence back out there. He's not playing like a guy stuck on the second team offense. He's playing more like a guy who wants to be ready if his name gets called in big game situations. Mason was put in a tight spot late last year. Richt said Mason didn't know whether he'd get the redshirt or not, but when the decision was made the quarterback just had to roll with it. Mason's recently-found positivity is a good sign for this offense, though.

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