SCRIMMAGE: Dawg Post Chat Recap

ATHENS - Chat with Dean Legge and the rest of the Dawg Post crew Wednesday morning at 10 AM EST.

JMTullDawg: any chance Kolton Houston or Watts Dantzler pushes Burnette for his job or is he firmly entrenched such that if he's healthy, he's starting?


Dean_Legge: I hink Kolton is going to play a fair amount, but in place of Dallas Lee. I don't see any changes on the starting lineup on the offensive line


JMTullDawg: any word on how Justin Scott-Wesley is progressing?


Dean_Legge: Not yet. Today will be a telling day for guys like Justin. I don't think he's had a bad camp, but he's not jumped out there yet. That's what the scrimmages are for.


JDDAWG: Who do you think will be the starting safeties August 31st?


Dean_Legge: I am going to go Tray Matthews and either Connor Norman or Corey Moore; Maybe Shaquille Fluker


JMTullDawg: Will Mark Richt finally abandon the "fair catch specialist" this season in favor of an actual punt returner that is a threat to score? If so, who do you like as a PR?


Dean_Legge: When you look at how efficient Georgia has been scoring on offense the last three years – I think they just want to get the ball in Murray's hands. A lot of "bad" things can happen on a punt return. But you've got some options back there now on punt return like J.J. Green and Shaw Wiggins... and Keith Marshall. I think they would rather just get the ball in their hands on offense... its worked pretty well so far. But I get wanting to score every way you can


JDDAWG: What is the deal with Moore, he was a 4 star guy who just hasn't developed.  I watched the video where he said the playbook gave him issues in the past, but he said he knows it much better now.


Dean_Legge: Corey has had a tough time getting the playbook down. It's pretty simple really. He's taken a long time to get it. I am not 100% sure now that he's made progress that he will start. He's not getting past Matthews IMO, but he could play well enough to make the coaches want to slide JHC to linebacker in the future... we will see. Georgia has options out there


Berlusconi: Dean, do you think we definitely go with someone other than McGowan this year?


Dean_Legge: No, Berluscni, I am not 100% convinced that McGowan won't still be back there. He catches the all, which is what is most important to Richt. Thomas Flowers and Damien Gary, the best two at Punt return in the Richt era didn't fumble.


JMTullDawg: who has been the more impressive freshman CB thus far? Wiggins or Langley?


Dean_Legge: For me Wiggins, but Langley is going to be fine


UGADAWGFAN83: Do you think Mayes or Taylor will end up with the starting role at nose before the season is up?


Dean_Legge: I think Mike Thornton is going to be the starter for September. I couldn't really say after that. Garrison Smith is the only one who I feel confident will start all year. The rest of them are really close. They are all going to play a ton.


drgrouper: Has Bennett fully recovered?  Losing him last year was a huge blow.  He was Murray's security blanket. I know some can comne back this quick, like Adrian Peterson,   but most don't.


Dean_Legge: Bennett looks fine out there. He told me the other day he is 100%. I know that I would be thinking about it a lot. He's running with the #1 unit... he's a starter


gablue1: How does the DL look. We need to be able to rotate 6-8 guys on the DL this year.


Dean_Legge: Yes, I think the defensive line could run at least eight players in and out of there. These guys are going to play a lot this season. Think about it this way: Smith, Thornton, Taylor, Bailey, Drew, Mayes, Atkins and Johnson


UGADAWGFAN83: What's the word on Tim Kimbrough? He seemed like a Curran mold on film.


Dean_Legge: T. Kimbrough is running with the #2 unit right now.


rdog23: Are you concerned about the number of injuries? Or is this pretty normal?


Dean_Legge: Good question. This is pretty normal for now. Nothing major... yet. Today is the day things major start to happen. Need no injuries today.


mjwiggs Dean - It seems like most of the injuries are minor and guys are being held out as a precaution. Do you know of any that are possibly more serious than it appears?


Dean_Legge: nothing "major" yet. Richt said last night what they have been giving us on the practice report is legit...


oldboy71: dean, who were the first 5 on the oline today and where did houston line up at ?

Dean_Legge: The starting OL right now is: LT - Gates; LG - Lee; C - Andrews; RG - Burnette; RT – Theus. But he's been rotating in pretty good. I think if Kolton is going to get a starting spot, which I don't think he will this season, he will get it at LG moving Lee out. But I don't see that happening.


JDDAWG: So does Marshall look 20lbs heavier than last year?  Not sure if that is the case, heard it from someone that he'd put on 20lbs and didn't lose any speed


Dean_Legge: I don't think he's that much heavier. If he is, I really can't tell much. If Keith ever gets balanced he is going to be scary


SuwaneeDawg03: Who is gonna be the first to get off the bus this year?


Dean_Legge: First off the bus for me would be Gurley. 'Nuff said. Then I would have Murray with his man purse after that... just for people to be like: "Wait, what?"


SuwaneeDawg03: How does Justin Scott-Wesley look?  Has he figured out the playbook?


Dean_Legge: Justin looks big and fast. I am not sure on the playbook part, but I have never confused him with being dumb. I think JSW could have a good year, but that's if he can get on the field.


thedogfather: Is Leonard Floyd a hard hitter or are his talents elsewhere?


Dean_Legge: Leonard Floyd can straight up rush the passer. He's going to be all sorts of problems in a pass rush for other teams. I think he will get about eight sacks this season.

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