Day Eight: The Rundown

ATHENS - Here's the rundown on what happened in Georgia's eighth day of Fall Camp on Thursday.

1. The defense is confident. Hey, you would be too if you beat down the offense like it did in yesterday's scrimmage. Okay, maybe it wasn't such a beat down. The only way we'll know for sure is if it happens again in next week's scrimmage. Nonetheless, the young defenders and JUCO transfers spoke to the media today and they seemed very confident in their skills as well as the talent of the defensive unit as a whole. I'm anxious to see how the offense responds to all this post-scrimmage chatter.

2. Brendan Langley is a confident kid, and he should be. There's a good opportunity here for him to earn solid playing time this season. Along with his confidence, he's humble. He's a very physical player at that. Just out of high school, he says he's matching up well with Georgia's receivers even though they're clearly larger than the ones he's used to facing. He also said he was getting to the SEC level mentally. He's learning the playbook day by day, and he's had the advantage of talking to high school teammate Quincy Mauger all summer. Langley said Mauger told him everything he needed to do in order to be caught up with his Georgia teammates by Fall Camp.

3. Remember the J.J. Green touchdown run from earlier this week? Well if you haven't heard, Green got rolled over the defensive line. However, he didn't get brought to the ground. Instead, he fell on his feet and took it to the house for six. Embarrassing for that defensive line, right? Well the line certainly felt that way. A lot of the blame was passed around, but Toby Johnson said he would take responsibility for it. He didn't throw too many names in with his, but he said it definitely won't happen again.

4. Kennar Johnson is not a big talker, but he let the media in on some things today. He knows coming out of JUCO he's got a bit of an advantage over some of the younger guys, but he's still got to get ready for the SEC size he's going to face. He feels like he's getting there, but there's still a lot for him to learn seeing as it's only day eight of camp. He's a guy to look out for.

5. The quarterbacks were getting after it today. They had to, right? Aaron Murray threw three picks yesterday. That being said, they were picks thrown in the right direction. He's been here before; plenty of times actually. Despite yesterday's 'unofficial' statistics, there's no need to worry about Murray. He's got Mike Bobo in his ear and this offense going in the right direction.

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