Day 10: The Rundown

ATHENS - Georgia hit the field for its tenth day of Fall Camp on Friday.

1. Georgia practiced in pads today, but running back A.J. Turman did not. Turman was listed as out due to a right knee and right ankle sprain. Turman didn't get any reps, but freshman back J.J. Green got plenty of work. A versatile player, Green has assured media that he will focus all his time at tailback. While he has the ability to play some downs at receiver, he doesn't plan on it. The only other responsibilities he plans on taking on may consist of returning a few kicks or punts when asked to. Green is confident he'll be one of the first guys in line behind Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall.

2. Green isn't the only young back fighting for the number three spot, though. Brendan Douglas spoke with media today about how he could be that guy. He realizes it won't be a given, but said he is on pace to earn the job from a physical and mental standpoint. Douglas is a big, strong guy. He's also one of the best pass blocking backs on the team according to Mark Richt. Douglas takes that as encouragement, and he'll continue to run with it. Pun intended.

3. Running is a big part of the game, and it's also been the hardest part for Tramel Terry following his offseason knee surgery. He's ready to get the braces, sleeves and everything else off so he can show coaches what he can do on the field. They know he's talented, but Terry said they haven't seen anything in comparison to what he can really do. Terry wants to be back for the season opener against Clemson. One reason being it's his home state, and the other being that he just wants to be on the field at full strength again. Stay tuned for updates on his ongoing recovery process.

4. Green's touchdown run from the beginning of the week, a.k.a. the play that won't go away. Green got a chance to talk briefly about the run today. He said he didn't even realize what he had done was that impressive until coaches told him it would be on ESPN. After reviewing the footage for myself, it was pretty ridiculous. Don't blame the D-line too much, though. Green's made a good play.

5. Another guy who's been getting some quality reps lately - tight end Jordan Davis. Davis looks good physically. He's a guy who can do some damage in the secondary once he gets the ball. However, he said he's not 100 percent comfortable with the playbook just yet, but he's getting there. He's new, and he'll add yet another element to the long list of talented newcomers on Georgia's roster.

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