Day 11: The Rundown

ATHENS - A rundown of events from Georgia's eleventh day of Fall Camp.

1. No morning practice today. It was a Ramsey Center kind of Saturday. Some of the coaches and players headed over to Ramsey for some pool fun to take their minds off the grind that is Fall Camp. The players looked a little more rested as they made their way back to the practice facilities following the swim. The break was probably a good move by the coaching staff. Whether Richt did his famous high dive jump remains to be confirmed. Stay tuned.

2. Assistant coaches got an opportunity to talk about their units today, and everything seemed to be in order. Of course all the injuries have been a focal point, but it looks like the coaches are getting closer to naming starters and backups. Next week's scrimmage will play a big role in that. After the starters are named, they'll start getting a lower number of reps as they get settled into their spots.

3. One of the biggest races will be the one for the number three spot behind running backs Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall. There are plenty of guys there who could take that spot. Whether it ends up being A.J. Turman, J.J. Green or Brendan Douglas, Georgia will be set at that spot. Right now Mike Bobo said it could be anyone, and he's been impressed with all their play to this point in camp.

4. Don't worry about Tray Matthews. This isn't the time to get get a read on him. Todd Grantham said he's already done that. He said he knows Matthews' abilities and he'll be fine. Sure he's been wearing a green jersey the majority of this past week, but it's a sprain and he'll just be limited for the time being.

5. The team is off tomorrow and players start class on Monday. Things are changing a little around Fall Camp, but the work is far from over. With another scrimmage fast approaching, these players still have much to prove before the depth charts are made. That's especially true for the young guys looking to get serious playing time on offense and defense. Another big thing…the offense has to put on a show in Wednesday's scrimmage. Scrimmages aren't everything, but this offense has a little to prove right now.

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