State's #1 Prospect Opens Season

NORCROSS – Lorenzo Carter's senior season debut was nearly rained out.

The Saturday night scrimmage was shot for Colquitt County to get some revenge on Carter's Blue Devils after a 41-27 loss in last year's AAAAAA state semifinals.

Colquitt had a challenge, though. It had to get the ball past Lorenzo Carter – a confident Lorenzo Carter at that. Already touted as the top defensive end in the nation, Carter said he's even better than he was last season.

Norcross DE/OLB Lorenzo Carter (Wes Muilenburg/Dawg Post)

"From this game I feel like I've gotten a lot better with the run defense," Carter said. "It just came from lifting. I got a lot stronger over the summer, and our weight training program is intense."

Outside of an intense weight lifting regimen over the summer, Carter took a national tour of camps. The highlight of that tour was in Beaverton Ore., where Carter participated in Nike Football's "The Opening." The event gave Carter an opportunity to face off against the nation's top talent, though he's near the top of that list.

"It was awesome," Carter said. "Not a lot of people get to say they've experienced that."

That's true, not a lot of people get that invite, but only one guy gets to say he received the top SPARQ Rating for a defensive lineman. That's an honor you would expect a guy with 136 tackles and 18 sacks in his junior year to receive – and Carter did.

Carter said Oregon was his favorite camp of the summer. He grew close with the guys he competed against, and said that made being in Oregon more comfortable for him.

"Oregon was my favorite camp because I already knew a lot of the players from Chicago," Carter said. "We went to Chicago like two weeks before we went to the Oregon camp. It was really relaxed. We were able to hang out, compete and get some revenge on the guys from the camp in Chicago."

Carter didn't seem that comfortable with his competition from Colquitt, though. He "unofficially" recorded three sacks during the scrimmage. However, he didn't have a great start and neither did his fellow Blue Devils who fell behind the Packers 14-0 early in the first quarter.

Carter took it upon himself to motivate the defense. He was vocal – possibly more vocal than his defensive coaches. He did what it took to get the point across to the younger guys.

"We're kind of young and need some experience in the secondary," Carter said after the game.

Carter isn't young from a recruiting standpoint, and is beginning to narrow his list of possible college choices. He's made it very clear he's got three frontrunners, but some of those top seven schools he's recently announced still have a shot.

Norcross DE/OLB Lorenzo Carter (Wes Muilenburg/Dawg Post)

"The big three of course – Alabama, Georgia and Florida," Carter said. "I'm trying to stay in contact with LSU and Oregon, too. I'm trying to get in contact with them because they're so far away, but they still made my top seven."

For a school that wasn't in his top three, Carter had nothing but good things to say about Oregon. The proximity to home doesn't seem to bother him and he likes how the Ducks run their defense.

"At Oregon there's coach Al (Nick Aliotti) who's just an awesome defensive coordinator," Carter said. "I feel like he's one of the best in the league."

As far as the best in the league goes all fingers point toward Alabama and head coach Nick Saban. Carter, however, doesn't get too relaxed around the reigning National Champion's coach.

"Saban is pretty formal," Carter said. "When you sit down in his office you feel like you need to have a tuxedo on because everything in his office is top of the line."

Obviously Saban carries himself with some swagger, and he expects his workspace to do the same. For some reason, though, Carter is infatuated with Saban's office.

"It's a big office with leather chairs and stuff like that," Carter said. "It feels like you're sitting in the mob boss's office or something."

To be clear, Saban has no confirmed connection to the mob – that's just a really specific description made by Carter.

Every coach in the SEC has a unique personality. They have distinct goals, but unique personalities. Carter is to the point where if he has contact with any of his top three schools, it's usually with the head coach. Carter said he finds positives in each of those schools' coaches… one major positive being Florida coach Will Muschamp's sense of humor.

"It's head coaches with those three, especially," Carter said. "All of them have completely different personalities. I'm able to sit down and joke around with Coach Muschamp, and he's just almost a kid."

In Norcross' scrimmage, the offense turned it on and Carter's defense stood strong. The Blue Devils put up 28 unanswered points to come away with a 28-14 victory in the scrimmage. Carter was content with his team's overall performance.

Carter would prefer keep that sort of play up all season, focus on his game and announce his decision in February. Hopefully he'll have a few teammates sign on to play college ball that day too.

"I'm waiting until Signing Day," Carter said. "I'm trying to do something with a few of my teammates if they can wait until Signing Day."

Norcross DE/OLB Lorenzo Carter (Ethan Burch/Dawg Post)

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