HD Video: Richt's Post-Scrimmage Thoughts

ATHENS - Mark Richt addresses the media following Georgia's second scrimmage on Wednesday.

I'm glad we went at night. It was good to go under the lights. We'll go under the lights for dress rehearsal next Wednesday. I think we had a lot more energy this time than last time. We had a few days off, so it gave the guys time to look more fresh and it worked.

First drive the offense made it inside the five but had to kick a field goal. We did a lot of situations. We did a one minute. We practiced a third overtime where both teams scored a touchdown and had to go for two. We did third and longs today and the number one offense won their drill in that situation. It was a good day. We didn't have anyone look banged up today.

On the quarterbacks:

It was a tough day for those guys. It's tough to go against that number one defense, but Hutson Mason has navigated his offense better than just about anyone I've seen.

On Langley and Wiggins:

I'd say both Langley and Shaq have played well. Of course Shaq's been banged up a little bit, but Langley's benefitted from those reps. Those guys have very good ball skills. They snatch the ball like a receiver which is great. They're pretty confident for guys just coming out of high school.

On Brendan Douglas:

He was very impressive today. He ran the ball with some power and some vision. I'll say he was very impressive today.

On player roles from now on:

We've got to grade it honestly. We have the technology now to have practice film shipped to our homes, so it will probably be a day or two before we do that. It won't be exact, but it probably will be by our practice game next Wednesday.

On starting corners:

Swann will be in there, but the other spots still have a competition.

On Leonard Floyd:

Leonard moved very well. When you rush you have to make sure you're containing the quarterback. He's very talented, and I think he's going to be an outstanding pass rusher. PLaying with the club definitely didn't help him tackle, but he did well. He's got a lot to learn.

On DeLoach:

I think he did play. I should remember that, but I don't see his name on the stat sheet. I can't remember him being out there.

On Keith Marhsall:

I don't think he had any rushes with the twos. Douglas is mainly with the twos, but he ran with the ones in some situations.

On Mays:

He did not go today, but he's getting better.

On Bennett:

Bennett and Conley each had one catch.

On Kolton Houston's return:

He's doing well, especially considering he hasn't played in a game in such a long time.

On the offensive line:

I thought our quarterbacks moved well in the pocket. Overall the pass protection was really good today.

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