Detric Dukes: What I Learned Watching

ATLANTA – Dean Legge reviews Tucker LB Detric Dukes performance against Marist.

Big with the ability to hit, Tucker LB Detric Dukes should be a ideal fit for the Bulldogs in the future at middle linebacker. One of the first noticeable things about Dukes is how physical he is already.

Tucker has been know for a long time for producing high-level talent, and Dukes is not different on that front. He's a sure tackler and was around the football all night long – forcing one fumble and recovering another one. He fell down on the fumble recovery or he would have scored a touchdown.

Marist, for all of its winning over the years, might not be the ideal program to watch a prospect to judge their future performance in college. The War Eagles' option-biased attack is used by one school the Bulldogs play – Georgia Tech – and it leads to a lot of tackles for the linebackers. Still, I liked Dukes persistence around the ball.

In terms of being a prospect – Dukes is somewhere below Reggie Carter, who will get a ton of reps as a true freshman, but probably above Johnny O'Neal and Tim Kimbrough. He's a banger who will slam his way into an oncoming lineman with no problem. His body is equipped to play in the SEC. What was impossible to learn was his ability to deal with the pass as Marist simply didn't do much of that – so it is hard to know for sure what he will be like in space, but it seems normal to think that he would have a little work to do on that part of his game considering how downhill he played all night.

Dukes is a solid prospect who could be a two-year starter in Athens.

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