Monday's Practice: The Rundown

ATHENS - A rundown of events from Georgia's first practice of the week on Monday.

1. It's getting close to Clemson time, and some positions are nailed down while a few others are not. The offensive line, specifically. That's a good thing, though, due to the fact the offensive line has so much depth. Mark Richt and Will Friend plan to run a few rotations in and out this season. When Aaron Murray was asked who he thought would be lining up in front of him, he said he had no idea.

"I just know David Andrews is there because I line up behind center every time," Murray said. "My dad calls and asks me about the offensive line every day and I tell him I don't even know."

Georgia's got some serious depth at offensive line, and the next few days will tell who will be in that first group.

2. The Clemson "rivalry" talks have been full force as of late. Whether it's dealing with past match-ups or recruiting battles, the Clemson game has been full of hype. Sure, there is the whole 'Georgia got Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall thing.' The Dawgs got Tramel Terry too for that matter. However, Marshall said he and Dabo Swinney have no hard feelings toward each other. The sophomore back doesn't even personally know anyone from Clemson's roster. He'll play it like any other game.

3. Michael Bennett says he's feeling better than ever when it comes to his rehabilitating knee. He also claimed he is the same receiver he was last year prior to his injury and he can't wait to get back out on the field. As far as Terry, Bennett said that bulky brace isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Terry will have to learn to play through the discomfort of the brace. Terry's knowledge of the game and Georgia's offense, however, is a lot better than it was at the start of Fall Camp according to Bennett. Terry will be good to go soon; whether it's in time for Clemson or not remains to be known. Bennett says he's good to go, though, and that's a huge sigh of relief for Georgia's receiving corps.

4. Quayvon Hicks has a really cool face mask, and by really cool I mean really intimidating. That's the look he's going for, though. Whether it resembles Justin Tuck or Ray Lewis, Hicks says he just wants defenders to know he's coming for them. Hicks is playing on another level this season, and running backs couldn't be more excited. With a guy who takes every detail so seriously, Gurley, Marshall and cast can know they'll have plenty of room to run.

5. Murray didn't reveal too much about any friendship he may or may not have with Tajh Boyd. The two competed in the Elite 11 together and have spoken briefly throughout the past few months, but nothing too extensive. Boyd also had a chance to stop by Georgia's spring game, though, an act that seems pretty beneficial. It's not a big deal to Murray, though. He didn't get a chance to see Clemson's spring game, but he says he'll make it alright.

"It would have been nice to be there," Murray said. "But hey, it didn't happen."

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