HD Video: Richt's Post-Scrimmage Thoughts

ATHENS - Mark Richt weighs in on Georgia's third scrimmage leading up to the team's season-opener.


We got done what we wanted to get done. We had a lot of live kicking situations. We did a pretty good job, really. I think our graduate assistant coaches did a good job of preparing. We were very organized and got it done.

Captains: Aaron Murray and Arthur Lynch on offense Garrison Smith for defense and Connor Norman special teams

On Marshall and Gurley:

Marshall played a little bit. I don't think Gurley got a snap. You've seen enough of him. You need to see some other guys. We were down by 20 to start and it was just a half of football. We did have 17 carries, so if you had a whole game it would be 34. It was about right. We had a decent mix. We had 21 passes. Not too far off being balanced.

Damian Swann:

He might have had a stinger or something in the last few practices, but he's back.

What now:

I hope the coaches go home tonight. I know when I was a coordinator you had to watch it in the building. You can watch it at home now. I'm not telling coordinators what to do, but I'm going home.

We have to re-evaluate it now in the next day or two. Tomorrow we're going to have a situational scrimmage, especially for the kicking game. Tomorrow we're going to have to cover some certain kicks that haven't been covered yet. Also some short-yardage goal line situations. After that it's going to be mostly getting the guys who are going to be playing ready.

LeMay as Boyd:

With the time he had, he did good. Sometimes you have a rough night in regard to protection, but he made some great plays with his wheels.

#3 Quarterback:

Right now we've still got to decide who the number three quarterback is.

#3 Running back:

Right now it's J.J. [Green], but Brendan [Douglas] is coming along. Right now Douglas' knee is banged up but there won't be an operation.

Malcolm Mitchell's swelling:

I'm not sure why it's swelling. Malcolm didn't feel a lot of pain through it and it hasn't really affected him.

On Corey Campbell:

He's mainly done fullback. Those might have been special teams tackles. He might have played linebacker, but I couldn't tell.

Tying Touchdown:

I think it was Artie Lynch's catch on a pass when Murray went back in the game. We put Murray back in to finish the game. It was about a 60-yard drive with about two minutes to go.

I gave Clemson a bunch of first downs to move it down into field goal range. Both times the defense held it to a field goal, but Clemson had one legitimate touchdown drive.

I'm not going to say who stood out to me tonight. I've been watching the film. I saw Johnny O'Neal on Clemson's defense make some good sticks. He really knocked some guys back. I thought J.J. took advantage of an opportunity to get a lot of reps. He ran over a guy and got the team excited. He's pass-protecting well.

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