HD Video: Richt's Monday Conference

ATHENS - Mark Richt talks about Georgia and its practices leading up to the season-opener at Clemson.

Mark Richt:

We had our last practice in full pads today. We'll be in shells tomorrow and shorts the day after that. The clock's ticking, it's ticking.

I thought we started strong today, but we wained a little toward the end as far as the energy level which isn't good. It wasn't super hot, but it was hotter than we are used to so that may have had a factor.

On Tray Matthews' return:

He practiced so that was good. It's so hard to gauge. It was mostly scout team work. The tempo wasn't just blazing, but he did get into some competitive drills. He looked fine. Hopefully no more setbacks.

He's been at meetings and he's been observing practice. If you don't do it, it's tough. I don't know how much he's been doing on his own to be honest, but I hope he's doing everything he can.

Richt said he wasn't ready to declare Matthews the starter yet.

On the Clemson traveling roster:

We can take as many as we want, but the more you have the harder it is to keep the team focused. I don't want to bring too many. We don't have the number yet, but that's the criteria.

We'll go up the day before. They can sleep in. The first meal will be later in the morning, closer to noon actually. I think you need to go early. One of the main features is just to get away from everything, plus we get to feed them good. All that works together. This game we don't have any limitations. The number will be closer to 70 than 100.

On the redshirts:

Some guys are playing by virtue of the lack of depth and some of them are playing because they earned the right to go ahead of the veterans. You want to have the most experience in your system as you can. You've got to play them.

On Langley:

A guy with ability, a guy who can learn and a guy who is dependable and focused on coming in as a freshman and playing like a veteran. I know he was in tremendous condition when he got here.

On Burnette:

He's been taking normal reps.

On John Theus:

I think he looks fine in there. When you're practicing two positions it's tough to perfect a position, but I think he's fine to do both. He's had a lot of reps at right guard.

On the offensive line:

We don't stay up late at night wondering what we're going to do if one guy gets hurt. You can't have one guy put you in a situation where he becomes a liability on the field. We've got depth and we've got some other guys who are slowly, but surely coming on. We like what Kublanow is doing. He's a freshman and all, but we see he's going to be pretty good.

Adam Erickson:

Adam is a holder. He does a good job there. He's been our pooch punter and he's done a very good job there. If he was called upon I think he could function and do good there.

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