HD Video: Richt's Wednesday Conference

ATHENS - Mark Richt speaks with media about the upcoming Clemson game following Wednesday's practice.

Mark Richt:

I thought practice went well. I heard Coach Grantham coming off the field seemingly pleased with what had happened. Now we did do a lot of crowd noise so I didn't hear everything those guys said. I think we had a good day. Good news is Murray has had a lot of games like that and had good play. A lot of our guys have played like that so it shouldn't be too much of a shock.

On more practices with crowd noise:

We thought about doing it earlier, but what happens if you do it every practice? You're trying o bark out instruction and direction, but they just can't hear you. I thought two days would be plenty.

New uniforms?

I do like the new uniforms. I didn't have any input on them, but I think they look sharp. I don't get to worked up about it.

Gameday procedures:

We will have a breakfast for everybody that wants it during normal breakfast hours. The first meal that will be mandatory will be a lunchtime meal. Then we'll start going through walkthroughs and taping up after pre game meal.

This is one of those games where you've seen so much film you don't feel like you're trying to catch up. The video will be there to look at.

On Swinney's comments about the build-up of the game:

Everyone just needs to focus on their job, period. Carry out your role to the best of your ability on every snap.

On Gurley's commitment to UGA:

I kind of remember [talking to Swinney]. I'm sure it happened. I'm 53 years old, okay. I really just focus on the one's we've got. It turned out getting Gurley and Keith in that recruiting class was really big for us.

Is that common to communicate with other head coaches:

I think assistant coaches do it more. I don't do it much. I like competing real hard for them, but when it's over it's over and I move on.

On Tray Matthews:

The hardest past about that is that we're going at such a high tempo right now. That part's hard to gauge right now, and it's hard to test. We don't want any setbacks. I don't think he has gone full speed too many times. I'm not sure if he knows how he's going to do, but right now we're going to play them.

On Blake Sailors:

Blake is a senior. Blake is doing whats' called under loading. That's taking three or six hours to graduate. He's got one credit hour. He's mastered the skill of under loading. Blake has earned the right to do that academically and he's earned the right to play on special teams for us.

Differences this preseason:

The weather was so mild. If we were playing a noon game and it was hot, I don't care who it is we'd be hurting and cramping up. These guys have really been a pleasure to coach. I think there's been so many guys fighting for their position and travel squad opportunities. The older guys are helping the younger guys and perfecting their trade.

On Reggie Davis:

I think Reggie Davis will play. I don't know how much, but he will.

How many tailbacks?

I think at least three backs will get in the game, maybe more. J.J. [Green] is number three. Turman and Douglas have been hurt, but there's a good chance both of them will be back on Monday.

On College Gameday:

I don't mind them watching it. If that gets them fired up that's great. I'm sure they'll be watching it.

Kenny Townes:

Kenny was getting opportunities and Kenny's done well. We wouldn't be afraid to let him play.

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