Quinn's arrival spells the end for Sanchez

Mark Sanchez started his career strong, leading his Jets' to back-to-back AFC Championship games, but has strung together back-to-back sub-par seasons. His latest struggles have resulted in drafting of a new quarterback in Geno Smith for the future. Now that Gang Green has added a new veteran QB in Brady Quinn, has Sanchez's future in New York come to an end?

On Tuesday, the New York Jets' front office made some moves to make the quarterback position deeper and stronger, by adding another veteran backup. The addition is no shock, being that the Jets signed veteran David Garrard early in preseason, but he later could not perform and chose to retire due to nagging knees. They continued to release their newest member of the squad, Graham Harrell, and they turned to another veteran in the journey-man, Brady Quinn. Quinn has spent the past few seasons with several teams, including the Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Since joining the team this week and making the move to New York, Quinn hasn't been able to adjust to his new environment. However, seeing a familiar face in the locker room, in ex-Brown's teammate Kellen Winslow, Quinn's transition will be made easier.

"It's good to see a familiar face like that" in the locker room," said Quinn of his former teammate Winslow. "I think just to be able to work with a guy like David Lee and Coach (Marty) Mornhinweg, is a great opportunity for me."

In addition, Quinn gave great praise to Lee's ability to tutor quarterbacks.

"He's one of the best out there, if not the best, fundamentally, working with quarterbacks. He does a great job working with footwork, progressions, reads, understanding the game from the quarterback position," said Quinn.

Being the fourth quarterback on Gang Green's roster, he can take a backseat and learn, progress, and mature into a solid backup quarterback. Quinn spent his first few seasons with the Browns under a magnifying glass, eventually not living up to lofty expectations. The former first-round pick can now mentor his new rookie teammate, Geno Smith, and guide him through the pressures of being the new face of the franchise. He offered a few pieces of advice to Smith through the media this week.

"Just to stay humble and grounded," said Quinn. "Keep things simple in life. I think a lot of times you get thrusted into a situation and a scenario and there's so many things going on outside of you and if you're just able to kind of live simply and keep life simple, it makes learning the offense and adjusting to the NFL game a lot easier."

With the Jets signing the veteran quarterback, this could mean that Sanchez may take the field for the last time as a Jet this season. Geno Smith has made great strides in his progression and with an offensive coaching staff led Marty Mornhinweg and David Lee, he will only progress even more. If Quinn can prove his spot on the Jets' roster this year, look to see him take the place of the veteran backup quarterback and push out Sanchez before the end of this year.

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