HD Video: Richt Talks Practice

ATHENS - Mark Richt talks about Wednesday's practice leading up to the South Carolina game.


We got the weather we needed the past two days; nice and warm. It was humid so it kind of tested everybody. We pushed them these past two days and they've responded well. They responded better today than yesterday. I thought we got better today. I thought coaches and players were pushing. There was good focus and you can't ask much more than that.

Full pads today:

You want to practice a certain kind of blocks with the scout team with pads on. It was about blocking and tackling. I thought we tackled better today than we did yesterday.

South Carolina's quick start last year:

Even if South Carolina scores early or scores twice early we need to run our plan. The game last year did get away from us pretty quick and we weren't able to stay as patient with the run as we would have liked to. We'll try to stick to the plan as long as we can and if we need to change it we'll change it.

John Theus not starting last week:

I think on a weekly basis we'll decide who deserves to start. We like what Kolton's been doing.

In some ways that's good to where if he is one of the best five he'll end up anywhere just about other than center. He's kind of our putty guy; a guy who can play more than one spot. I think he'll end up playing both throughout the whole year.

Langley and Wiggins didn't practice today:

Langley had some issue with his leg that was not severe. We think he'll be able to play. Shaq had a high temperature, but I don't really know for sure. I don't think it was the flu, but he wasn't feeling well. I assume both of them will be ready for practice tomorrow.

Tramel Terry:

My guess is that Tramel won't play this year. That's my guess right now, but we won't have to determine that for a while. We've got some other guys we think can play. It's tough to come off an ACL like Tramel did and really be the best he can be. We know he'd be better year five than he would be right now. He could play, but right now I'm not sure that he will.

Rumph and Davis:

They're getting reps right now, but the game will dictate that. Sometimes a game will go at a pace where guys are getting worn out. If you get a bunch of three and outs which you don't want, guys won't get too tired.

SEC East:

Any conference game counts in the goal of winning the East. It's a big deal. It's on the forefront of our thinking and I'm sure it's on South Carolina's as well.

Marshall Morgan:

He will be available for game three.

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