HD Video: Richt Talks Bye Week

ATHENS - Mark Richt tied up a few loose ends following Georgia's Wednesday practice.

We had two practices; yesterday and today. Both in pads. I think we were pretty lively. We did a little scrimmaging with guys who haven't gotten to play and I think that was good.

Mostly fundamental work against each other. Not a lot of scout team work. We'll start on North Texas in a couple of days. And, it was warm if you want a weather report.

Most everybody practiced today and I think we'll be ready for next week.

Spurrier's comments on Richt taking UGA job back in the day:

I think he was playfully saying he wouldn't take the Georgia job if he was me, but he was just joking around mostly.


I think it will be contingent on how the game goes. I don't really know where he'll play. If he wasn't injured I think he'd be playing by now. You have to establish yourself by being new so we'll see where that goes.

Herrera's play this season:

I'm just proud of him and happy for him. He's been getting leaner and I think that's paying off for him. He's being rewarded for the work he's put in.


We've played two very good offensive football teams. It'll take time, and the open date will be helpful for those guys.

Justin Scott-Wesley:

I think he's been one of those guys like Marlon Brown where it didn't come just like that, but there's been steady improvement over the years. He's another guy that got trim to make sure he was very quick and could get started quick. With losing the weight he's smoother out of his break and get open faster.

Kicking game:

[Patrick] Beless was tremendous for us so I tell him to stay ready because you never know what can happen.

Green and Douglas have played:

It's a high contact position and you never know what can happen in one game. One game can change everything.

Fresh signees yet to play:

[Shaq] Wiggins has been in on some special teams plays already and he may get some scrimmage downs. I know [Quincy] Mauger has had some special teams too.

Third string RB decided?

Douglas has definitely found a niche as far as short yard, goal line and four minute offense. I don't know if he'll go in before J.J. in the first or second quarter, though. Every time we saw him [Douglas] in scrimmage we saw what you guys saw. He's a powerful, physical runner. He's a legitimate SEC running back in my opinion.

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