Of Course Not

ATHENS – Does anyone really think Alabama is going to get into any trouble for this?

I know I don't – and not just because the Tide is the Tide. (Keep in mind that Alabama football has been on probation since 1995 in at least part of every calendar year except 1999, 2000, 2001, 2008 and 2013).

The thing I have learned over the last half decade in college sports is that there is no amount of cheating you can do that will get you into significant trouble. It is always worth it to cheat if you are considering it.


Programs on Probation
Since 2000

2013 - Oregon
2012 - Tennessee
2012 - South Carolina
2012 - North Carolina
2011 - Ohio State
2011 - Cincinnati
2011 - Boise State
2011 - LSU
2011 - Georgia Tech
2011 - West Virginia
2011 - Texas Tech
2010 - Michigan
2010 - USC
2009 - Alabama
2009 - Florida State
2007 - Oklahoma
2007 - Colorado
2006 - Kansas
2006 - Ohio State
2005 - Georgia Tech
2005 - South Carolina
2005 - Arizona State
2005 - Illinois
2004 - Washington
2004 - Oregon
2003 - Rutgers
2002 - Colorado
2002 - Cal
2002 - Alabama
2002 - Kentucky
2001 - Wisconsin
2001 - USC
2000 - SMU

The fact remains that there is no real reason to do anything other than cheat in college football. Why? Because the system has been gamed. The consequences for cheaters and cheating are nothing compared to the benefits of cheating.

The NCAA relies on member institutions (the schools themselves) to turn in their own infractions. The NCAA's enforcement arm is basically relying on the kid keeping names when the teacher leaves the classroom.

You can be a boy scout and turn yourself in – or you can continue to let the good times roll… and in college football the good times are always rolling.

Cam Newton is no longer the outlier. His case is no longer the one that no one understands. Everyone understands now – you cheat and you win. Repercussions? They don't exist.

Boise State, South Carolina, Oregon, Penn State, Ohio State, USC, North Carolina… the list goes on and on – even Georgia Tech is on probation… Georgia Tech.

Oklahoma State and Miami are standing by to get their slaps on the wrist.

And nothing will happen to Alabama, college football's most recent darling, when the dust settles.


Alabama isn't stupid. The Tide knows how to get into just enough trouble that they don't get into any real trouble. Kudos to them for understanding better than most how to make the rules work for you.

The truth is by the time the dust settles in all of these NCAA matters the perpetrators are gone and the banners (with the exception of USC) still hang.

It makes you wonder why programs don't cheat.

Oklahoma State and Miami are not the outliers... they are the norm.

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