North Texas Week: Monday's Rundown

ATHENS - Georgia prepares to face off against North Texas after its first off week of the season.

1. You won't have to worry about Keith Marshall wearing green anymore at this point in the season. He's out of that jersey and back in a red one. It's a good thing too considering Mike Bobo said both he and Todd Gurley will play against North Texas this weekend. There's no telling how long, but he plans on using them as often as possible in order to keep his offense consistent and get better on a weekly basis. Of course, early offensive success would make for a good opportunity for freshmen backs J.J. Green and Brendan Douglas to get a few more carries. Douglas looked strong in the final quarter of the Dawgs' win over South Carolina. That's because he is, very. Green has already shown us all how explosive he can be on any given run. Look for a mixture of running backs against North Texas. Of course Bobo wants to keep his top two backs going in the beginning, but you know he wants to conserve them. Every game's big and LSU coming into Athens the following week is no exception. The Dawgs will need a full cast of rested backs for that one.

2. It's Monday. Georgia has had a weekend's rest on top of a few days last week. It's time to get back to work and that could be felt all around the field today. Coaches were getting after players. They want this weekend to get Georgia ready for its next SEC matchup which will be crucial to the Dawgs' season. The always-passionate Will Friend looked fired up today and he should be. The guys who make up his unit should be rested and they've got a great opportunity to show how much depth they have on the line against North Texas this weekend. This will be the chance to see just how many players Georgia can line up on its offensive line throughout the span of a game.

3. Bobo wasn't letting up during Monday's practice either. In one instance, the quarterbacks and tight ends were looking a little sluggish. There were a few missed targets and dropped passes that had Bobo showing some discontent. Of course they're rested from not playing this past weekend, but they can't let the open week get them out of their rhythm. After all, they looked pretty good against South Carolina as we all saw. That's the momentum they'd like to carry into their next two matchups with North Texas and LSU.

4. Another big addition for Georgia's defense this week will be safety Corey Moore. In Mark Richt's Sunday teleconference he said Moore could even start depending on how they line up on the game's first series. It'll be extremely helpful to have the Griffin alum back in the rotation. Richt did say Moore is still in a brace, but he'll have no limitations as far as playing.

5. On a final note, some of Georgia's younger players hope Saturday's matchup will be one they can get some significant snaps in. Whether they've been in or not on defense, offense or special teams, Richt says every snap is meaningful and these players will have to use this opportunity to prove they're ready to play.

"It's not like our second-teamers aren't getting in the game," Richt said. "We've got to become better tacklers and create more pressure. If you ever get in the game it's a good chance to show you deserve playing time."

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