The Tuesday Rundown

ATHENS - Mark Richt talked about Georgia's preparation for North Texas after its first off week of the season.

1. Mark Richt didn't sell North Texas short at all during his weekly Tuesday press conference. He spoke highly of the amount of upper classmen North Texas has on its offense. A player he bragged on the most was quarterback Derek Thompson, a 6-foot-4 senior out of Glen Rose, Tx.

"I'm very impressed with what I'm seeing on field," Richt said. "Their quarterback is a senior who does a great job for them. I see a team that's very well coached. I think they're believing, I think they're playing hard and I think they'll be ready for a big game here on Saturday."

Richt has been in this game long enough to know the pressure's not on North Texas, which really has nothing to lose going up against a Georgia team coming off a conference victory over South Carolina.

2. So what should Georgia's offense prepare for? Well, Richt said his offense should be preparing to brace for a few big hits. Whether it's on a run or pass play, the North Texas defense is known for its closing speed.

"They're great tacklers. They fly to the ball," Richt said. "When you play hard, good things happen. When you hit hard, the ball comes out.

You heard it from Richt. He's given the warning to his offense that they can't be careless with the football. Of course that's never a good thing to be regardless of who you're playing.

3. Paris Bostick is slowly, but strategically making his return to the field from toe surgery. That journey is currently at putting on pads. In fact, he's being asked to take on a few extra responsibilities as he makes his way back to full strength. While the freshman from Tampa came in as a safety, Richt said he's gotten considerably bigger physically and will be tried out at linebacker when he's ready to go again.

"We're going to let him put on some pads and run through some pre-practice stretching," Richt said. "He'll be limited on what he does."

4. How will Georgia play after a bye week? Consistently is the goal. Richt said the team came out with good energy in its first day of practice this week. Richt credits that hard work to the players' hopes of playing time on Saturday. This will be a good opportunity for a few second and third stringers to get some considerable time; if the conditions are right.

"I don't see a problem with our guys being motivated right now," Richt said. "They're practicing hard and with a lot of energy. I think it's the hope of earning playing time and a starting position. Right now I think we're in a good place as far as guys giving good effort. I think it came at a good time for us."

5. Georgia's defense allowed high scoring totals from its past two opponents, but Richt didn't seem too concerned. He sees his defense learning and growing game by game. Not to mention those first two offenses were Clemson's and South Carolina's. Those are just a few of the high-powered offenses Georgia will have to slow down if it plans on competing in Atlanta at regular season's end.

"First of all, we did play two really good offensive teams that are outstanding with senior quarterbacks and the ability to run the ball," Richt said. "I think if you look at some of the better defenses in American statistically after a game or two, you can't get too crazy if you play a good offensive team."

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