HD Video: Richt's Wednesday Conference

ATHENS - Mark Richt speaks with media following Wednesday's practice before the North Texas game.

Mark Richt:

We had our Wednesday. It was an awful lot like a Thursday. When you have a Wednesday like that you kind of wish it was Thursday. It would be nice if we played a couple of days from now, but we've got another day to go.

Fans worry about UGA overlooking this team:

That's a big question from fans I get on my show, but when you watch their team you see a team that's really playing well. I mentioned before it was like 19 out of 22 guys that are juniors and seniors. A team that's only gave up six points in the second half of games. I don't care who you're playing; that's a sign of a really good team.

Jonathon Rumph:

He tweaked his hammy [hamstring] again so I don't think he's going to play again this game, unfortunately.

Corey Moore return for SC game:

The initial prognosis was 4-6 weeks or more like three weeks. He played by about four weeks from the injury. Usually it takes a little bit longer than that.

Nick Marshall and Zach Mettenberger starting at opposing SEC schools:

I'm happy for them that they've landed in a good place. I'm big on guys realizing they're dreams. That's why I coach.

I don't think anybody's been dismissed here without me being behind it. It's very possible for a guy to end up at another school and have that same story, so I'm not so bent on getting guys to come back.

I think everybody understood what was going on and why we did what we did.

Tray Matthews' return from injury:

It definitely set him back. He's a guy who's physically tough. He likes contact. He made some big hits and some really nice plays. Now you've got a lot more offensive schemes every week and you're not scrimmaging every practice. Now he's got to do that in games. Getting hurt when he got hurt is tough. He missed a lot.

Hutson Mason:

Same amount of reps this week. He gets a ton of reps with the two unit. He still gets a lot of reps with Murray and the ones. When it's team stuff it's mostly Murray ones and Mason twos. We believe in doing that all along.

Spread and hurry-ups:

I don't know if you can pitch a shutout. With the spread there are more yards and more points. It just happens that way. It takes a little while I think to really get good with tackling out in space. You have to practice it in the Fall and if you don't it will really hurt you.


We've always tried to give everybody a fair shot.

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