The Plastic Man

ATHENS – LSU center Elliott Porter looked to his left – by the time he looked to the right it was too late.

The blur running past him was Dodge County native Leonard Floyd.

"Got him!" screamed CBS announcer Verne Lundquist.

"Oh Man! Leonard Floyd again," Lundquist's play-by-play man Gary Danielson pointed out.

Zach Mettenberger picked himself off the ground, and the Tigers never did get going after that. Four plays later Floyd and fellow pass rusher Jordan Jenkins were pressing Mettenberger into a quick throw that wound up on the ground and with the red-clad Sanford Stadium worse than bonkers.

Floyd and Jenkins celebrate after a late-game sack (Dean Legge/Dawg Post)

I wrote earlier in the year about Leonard Floyd making a Georgia offensive lineman look stupid in camp with one of his moves… he mimicked that during Georgia's 44-41 win over the Tigers.

The Plastic Man, Floyd can contort his body and dip his shoulders to rush the passer effectively. His length is prototypical for the NFL, and his frame still has the ability to fill out. He could be scary good sometime soon.

Floyd has emerged as one of the top pass-rushing threats in the SEC with three sacks in the season – one more than all-world Jadeveon Clowney – and good for third-best in the conference.

And Floyd is only a freshman…

That's the frightening part. There are at least nine games left in this 2013 season – how many more sacks will Floyd get? My guess is about six or seven more, but it could be a few more than that.

He's the best example of Georgia's defense in 2013 – talented and explosive, but young and inexperienced.

Floyd comes from a small town in middle Georgia. He's not a motor mouth. He's long and lean, and probably didn't notice that he was playing with his jersey torn on Saturday. I have to say that he's the only player at Georgia who I have seen finish the game with a noticeable tear in his jersey (which is a pretty good indicator that offensive linemen are grabbing and holding him as best they can).

The durability of jerseys has come a long way.

So has Leonard Floyd, but the future is bright for young Leonard. Brighter than a summer day in Eastman.

Floyd's well-stitched jersey torn after the win over LSU (Dean Legge/Dawg Post)

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