Danielson: Murray Has Proved Himself

CBS college football analyst Gary Danielson breaks down Georgia's game with Tennessee.

(On Georgia-Tennessee):
The pressure is all on Georgia. The Bulldogs played a tremendously taxing month of football. If you're Butch Jones, you have to get it into the late rounds of the fight. Get the crowd into it. Let Georgia start feeling the pressure of not blowing their season. The Vols have to stop shooting themselves in the foot and giving up easy touchdowns. That should be goal number one.

(On Aaron Murray):
The last game against LSU has erased all doubts about Aaron Murray. Now everyone from his teammates, to the fan base, to the blogs, to the radio shows are all in. He has a tough job. He has clawed and scratched his way there and now he has to not let his team wander. It is his team now, and he has to be one of those elite quarterbacks that doesn't allow a letdown. There are phases for a quarterback. When you get down to that last phase where he is now, where he is depended on, he doesn't have to be something he's not anymore.

(On SEC Defenses):
The new targeting rule has really taken the aggressiveness out of the secondaries in this conference. The SEC has put numerous defensive backs in the NFL. And there are good, young defensive backs now, but they all seem to be hesitant. They can't figure out the rules. Their zone defense have become ineffective. The defenses have moved back a step. It highlights even more how important defenses are because you have to have some players that can be game changers. Right now there are only two elite defenses in the SEC, Alabama and Florida. Everyone else is just holding on to the steering wheel trying to get through the game.

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